Sensational Stats

Here is a simple guide to the stats Elemental Shamans need:

Hit rating – increases your chance to hit a target.  All Elemental shamans need 17% hit rating to ensure 100% hit on the target.

                        26.232 is the equivalent to 1% hit

Alliance hit cap: 342 hit points (This is Draenei only, no word yet on how Dwarf shamans will be with hit).  Draenei have their racial ability “Heroic Presence” which gives them +1% hit.

Horde hit cap: 368 hit points.







Misery / Improved Farie Fire



The points given ensure roughly 14% hit, along with out +3% hit talent (Elemental Precision) will give us our needed 17% hit.

Haste – increases our spell casting speed and decreases our global cool down. 

                       32.78998946 is equivalent to 1% of haste

Grab as much of this as you can I’m roughly at 750 haste but I know some shamans that have over 1000.

Critical Strike rating – gives us a chance to double our dps if spec’d properly.  This is a good stat to have if you don’t go over board on it.

Spell power – makes our spells have more power (go figure) I’m cruising at 3,300 spell power buffed.  Its nice to have so make sure you have a fair bit.

Intellect – Its not something we really want or need but it is better then walking around with and unenchanted shield so make sure to grab that enchant and that’s all you really need from this stat.

Stamina – Again not something we should be looking for but stamina increases our health and a dead shaman is a useless shaman.

~ by Anslym on March 6, 2010.

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