Today’s Specialty: Elemental

Here is a link to how I spec Elemental: .  Now let me explain the What Why and So of these talent choices.

First Row: 10 points: 5 in Convection.  5 into Concussion.  Convection:  This reduction of Mana for all our damaging spells makes specing into this talent a no brainer.  Concussion: This is great because it basically increases the damage done of all our damaging spells.  This is a must have.

Second Row: 3 points: 3 points go into Call of Flame.  Call of Flame:  Great bonus for our Lava Burst spell, it by far is our hardest hitting spell so a bonus on that makes this a good thing to spec into.

Third Row: 6 points: 1 into Elemental Focus, 5 in Elemental Fury.  Elemental Focus:  Reduced mana by 40% for the next two spells we cast is a good thing, it keeps our mana up for those extra long fights like General Vezzax.

Fourth Row: 3 points: 3 into Eye of the Storm.  Eye of the Storm: The only thing that comes to mind when reading the description is the Lord Jaraxxus right in Trial of the Champion.  With most of his abilities hitting random people in the raid this is a good thing to have to make sure we aren’t spending way to much time casting our spells.

Fifth Row: 6 points: 2 in Elemental Reach 1 in Call of Thunder, 3 in Unrelenting Storm.  Elemental Reach: Good thing were not standing to close to the bosses for ones like Koralon and his meteor smash.  Call of Thunder: More critical strike percentage is always a good thing.  Unrelenting Storm: Basically makes us never dip under 80% mana. 

Sixth Row: 8 points: 3 in Elemental Precision, 5 in Lightning Mastery.  Elemental Precision: This reduces our need for hit by 3% letting us gem up for something like Haste or Critical Strike.  Lightning Mastery: Reduced casting time on our lightning spells but half a second, not a lot but in 4 to 5 casts of lightning bolt we get one free with the reduced cast time.

Seventh Row: 4 points: 1 in Elemental Mastery, 3 in Storm, Earth, and Fire.  Elemental Mastery: This is great for that burst of dps needed to save the raid, like when one of your healers gets impaled on the Lord Marrowgar encounter.  Storm, Earth, and Fire: Increased damage by 60% on Flame shock, Chain lightning has a reduced cool down by 2.5 seconds, and Earth totem has a chance to root the target to the ground.  If anyone can find out how this doesn’t sound like epic win…

Eighth Row: 7 points: 2 in Booming Echo, 2 in Elemental Oath, 3 in Lightning Overload.  Booming Echo: Reduced cool down, increase in damage = win.  Elemental Oath: A Buff for the raid this it will get you raid invites, and the included 10% more damage doesn’t hurt either.  Lightning Overload:  33% chance to cast the same spell on the target that is a 1 in 3 chance to do more damage to the target at no extra mana cost.  This is drool worthy!

Ninth Row: 4 points: 1 in Totem of Wrath, 3 in Lava Flows.  Totem of Wrath: EVERY ELEMENTAL SHAMAN NEEDS THIS TOTEM. 280 spell power, + 3% critical strike rating. I don’t need to say anything more about this totem.  Lava Flows: Good for PvP with the spell haste buff…well for PvE as well if you’re against faction champions, in Trial of the Champion. Also gives Lava burst + 24% damage bonus more and more win.

Final Talents: 6 points: 5 in Shamanism, 1 in Thunderstorm.  Shamanism: 15% increase to our lightning spells and 20% bonus damage to Lava burst bumps us up on those Dps meters.  Thunderstorm: This saves me daily, whether I pull aggro in an instance or in PvP the knockback always comes in handy…oh and the mana is nice also.

Enhancement Tree: 14 points: Ancestral Spirit, 5 in Thundering strikes, 3 in Elemental Weapons, 1 in Shamanistic Focus.  Ancestral Spirit: + 10% intellect gives us a mana boost keeping our mana topped off.  Thundering Strikes: +5% critical strike rating, there’s not really anything to spec into in that Row but the bonus critical strike is the way to go.  Elemental Weapons: Gives us a boost on Flametongue weapon which gives us more spell power.  Shamanistic Focus: reduces out mana by 45% again great in keeping out mana up.

~ by Anslym on March 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Today’s Specialty: Elemental”

  1. Looking at your spec (and have never played a shaman), which talent would you max first, Concussion or Convection? Some people focus more on damage so things die faster, but that all that damage stops if you’re OoM.

    I ask this because talents like this are often overlooked when you’ve been high level so long. I’m leveling a new Warlock on a new realm, and so many things I was used to haven’t come available yet.

  2. This is up to the players disgression, I would probably go with convection. As all low-level mana users know we run out of mana rather quickly. I’ll explain my reasoning now.

    If we assume what Wowwiki says about base mana at level 14 for a shaman being 241 we can come to the following conclusions.

    Lightning bolt rank 3:
    Damage done = 26-30
    Mana cost = 10% base mana (24.1 mana)

    With full concussion -> 31.5 dmg if the base damage is 30.
    this is the equivalent to 10 lightning bolt casts.
    With full convection -> 21.69 mana cost.
    this equals to 11 lightning bolt casts.

    As we all know that while questing at low levels is less then ideal so we it is most likely we will need to cast a quick heal and we will be using our shock spells. So my opinion is to max out Convection first. Thanks for the comment.


  3. No problem. I found your blog by via your comment on another blog. I get LOTS of down time at work and like I said, having never played a shammy, this is a good way to ask about ins and outs.

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