Uber Update

Well I’ve gotten some views and no comments so far, so I guess that all my information is right. Right?  Some feedback would be nice of what is good and what isn’t.  I planned this little update to tell you guys that shortly I will be posting uber lots, like  some elemental strategies on the first wing of Icecrown Citadel (there’s a raid tonight and I plan to make notes and take some pic’s).  I also plan to include a leveling guide for elemental shamans and I might do a shenanigan post soon, March break is a comin’ and I plan to take full advantage blog wise.  Some feedback would be nice but thanks for the views!


~ by Anslym on March 9, 2010.

7 Responses to “Uber Update”

  1. Welcome to blogging. Don’t worry. I got zero hits for at least 2 weeks 🙂

  2. Well thats a relief. I thought I may have been doing something wrong 😛

  3. glad to find a website dedicated to shaman

  4. Glad to be of service.

  5. I realize this is a fledgling blog, but everyone has to start somewhere.
    If you’re looking for other elemental related blogs, here’s a few:

    I guess it depends on your target audience. The above guys are 10man strict raiders, but I haven’t seen any really standout blogs for non-ICC players, fresh 80s trying to gear up, elemental pvpers, or general players who aren’t high-end.

    I did read through your blog a few days ago, but didn’t have time to really include my thoughts. I’m not a blogger, but I am an avid elemental reader.

  6. Oh, I’m dumb, I should have added – introduce yourself on blogazeroth.com!

  7. /waves

    Since you asked for some commentary:
    1) Give some options
    While the EJ way is the best of many people, there are alternate glyphs and talent choices for differing situations. If you PvP at all you might want to pick up some of that audience as there are quite a few elemental blogs floating around with basic info at the moment.

    2) Who are you?
    While stats are important and are a good resource for your audiences of all kinds, sharing some about your play-time, personality, and goals will help attract those first few readers. Right now, I don’t see much I can’t get from a forum–this is a blog, I want to know the player too!

    3) Go out and meet the community!
    If you want to attract attention to your blog, make sure that other bloggers know you’re here–they’re your best PR, trust me 🙂 Blog Azeroth is a good start (it got me to add ya to my featured bloggers on my site atm) but I’m a small dog in the greater scheme of shamans. Start a blogroll of your own, and start hooking up with all us cool cats, you won’t regret it ^^

    Please don’t take any of this as criticism btw. I started as a lonely elemental shaman giving stats and what-not, but I’ve left my roots for restoration seas and a more general blog-view. Trust me, you keep writing, the readers (and sometimes comments!) will come.


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