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It has come to my attention as of late that while you read my shaman posts you know nothing about the writer (wink, wink nudge, nudge).  Now as I divulge my World of Warcraft past I must warn you that not all of it is pretty.  Actually a fair chunk of it is really, really gruesome.  This post is fairly lengthy and don’t even try scrolling down looking for the TL;DR portion.  So consider yourself forewarned.

My MMORPG history starts not that long ago, it starts in the summer of 2006.  Now I have heard of online games but they weren’t something I was interested in or even thought about.  That summer my aunt (age 16) came from Poland to Canada where I live and she showed me an online game that would have me hooked.  No not World of Warcraft.  MapleStory.  That phase lasted a few months from July to early November that’s after my aunt went back to Poland and my other aunt (age 17 (I have a messed up family I know)) began dating someone who play World of Warcraft.  He got her hook and she tried to get me hook but forget it, MapleStory was the absolute greatest game I could play.  Sure WoW had pretty colours, It was 3D, and you hit more then one button.  I didn’t care.  Slowly WoW began to grow on me.  I was spending more and more time watching my aunt play then I was playing MapleStory.  This was in August mind you.  So she installed the game onto my computer and I rolled a Night Elf, Druid.  I leveled up all the way to level 10 with my aunt standing over me telling me where to go and what to kill.  Then came level 10, the dreaded bear-form quest.  All the quest told me to do was go to Auberdine.  Once I got lost trying to get to Auberdine I was done.  Back to MapleStory for me. 

Then came November and I decided to roll a Tauren Shaman on my aunts account.  That’s when I got hooked.  Every time she wasn’t playing, I was.  The only problem was this was Pre-Burning Crusade.  A Scarlet Monastery run required not only ample amount of time but all the pulls required planning and CC.  It was either running SM or questing in Stranglethorn Vale.  SM was the best place to go because you made tons of gold there and by tons I mean around five to seven gold which was a lot back then.  You needed to pay your 100g mount fee at level 40 back then.  With all the time I got it I probably got my shaman to level 12 by the time Christmas rolled around.  I was so excited unwrapping my own World of Warcraft discs only to find out Mom grabbed “Warcraft Battle Chest” instead of World of Warcraft.  I had to wait till Boxing Day (December 26, a day when all the stores and malls are open for people to return gifts they didn’t want and to spend their gift cards in Canada). 

So the character creation screen was right in front of me, but what class to play.  My aunt and her friends played Alliance on Mug’thol should I play with them?  So I called her down to my room and I began interrogating her about classes.  I once saw her in SM and a priest had cast “power word: shield” on her and I thought it was the coolest thing.  “What class can cast a shield?” I asked her and she answered “a Priest”, had she said Paladin I’m 100% sure I would have rolled one.  All her friends had named their characters: Icpthook or Itinkerbell.  So on the server Mug’thol I rolled a Dwarf Priest named: Iharrypotter.

Iharrypotter wasn’t terrible at first I ran VC with a bunch of people healing at first but one of my aunts friends “wasn’t very nice” to put it gently.  He was constantly blaming me for his death because I was the healer which ruined healing for me completely.  As I got to my higher level 30’s and early 40’s the talent points came in which meant I needed to choose a spec.  Did I go shadow? Nope.  Did I go Holy? Nope.  Did I go both? Yup!  Now my specing system was very thought out, an angel after I die that’s sweet I’m taking that.  My character goes all shadowy, I have to take that!  Reduce my threat by 8%? That’s dumb.  Hey I warned you about reading this.

Then came my guild <Sword Through the Horde>.  I met a lot of people in this guild some of which I became best friends with and I still talk to today (/wave Liazapimp).  Who knew spamming Trade every time my guild recruitment message left the screen would get me some decent members?  If you were unguilded and in my /who search you would get my guild recruitment macro filling your chat box.  We were sort of serious about raiding.  I tried to get a guild website going and I organized Karazhan runs.  I guess planning them after St. Patty’s day wasn’t the best idea.  Then Wrath of the Lich King rolled about and people were leaving and quitting the game and I had enough of being made fun of and being ignored so after weeks of deliberation I left Sword Through the Horde.  I had gotten a name change during the Isle of Quel’Danas stage of BC and I joined <Get off my Lawn> I didn’t feel too comfortable there and that’s when I saw Lyndiana’s recruitment message for <Bucklers of Swash>.

I spoke with Lyndi for a few hours about joining and what the guild was about.  She told me I needed to apply and run a trial heroic with them to see if I was a good fit.  Apparently I was.  Surprising, I know.  I joined and their guild was a lot bigger then what I was used to.  Although now I could probably name all the characters they have in guild just by the sound of their voice on vent.  I went on for about a week of just minding my own business till it was one of the famous guild chats.  You know the ones I’m talking about: Late at night, 20 people are on, one topic leads to another.  The topic that night was out past and I let slip that I was Iharrypotter.  BOOM! 10 /gquits right on the spot. I was worried so I immediately whispered someone of high authority in the guild someone by the name of David.  He seemed friendly enough.  BIG mistake.  I had no idea that I was on this guild black list.  I was told that if I had applied as Iharrypotter my application wouldn’t have been even read. 

Some how I managed to retain my guild membership and I began to wonder what it would take to raid.  I was told the requirements for raiding Ulduar and I started farming up gear so I would meet those requirements.  Trial of the Champion was a god send.  I pulled up the gear list on mmo-champion and I began to write my gear list.  Something I still do to this day (nothing more satisfying then putting a big red line through the name of a piece of gear you’ve received). I managed to grab all the gear I needed from there just before group 1 ran Ulduar.  I mention in guild that I needed some new gear enchanted and my guild leader, Samueltempus, asked me about my stats.  Naturally I told him and I received a raid invitation to Ulduar.  Not only did we down Thorim we also cleared the trash to Mimiron that night.  Finally I was able to run Trial of the Crusader on my shadow priest formerly know as Iharrypotter.

Eventually I began playing my level 65 shaman that I had gotten to Nagrand during BC and left him there.  I managed to get my shaman to 80 and get him geared up enough for our group 3 Trial of the Crusader runs.  Finally Icecrown Citadel was released.  Our group composition being: Holy / Shadow, Disciple / Shadow, and Shadow priests wasn’t going all that great group wise.  I was told that group 1 would prefer it if I was on my shaman but it ultimately was my choice.  Being as stubborn as I was I of course chose my priest.  How could I not? I played him from Pre-BC.  We got to Deathbringer Saurfang and 3 priests weren’t going to cut it.  So I logged on my shaman and began to dance the bloodbeast kiting dance.  When we finally killed him I knew that my shaman was going to become my main character.

As for this blog, I toyed with the idea when I read my guild leaders blog  I was planning to make a shadow priest blog but a friend beat me to it with his blog:  When I began to play my shaman I started looking for a good shaman blog but I couldn’t find one.  So I decided to make my own.  I looked a little harder for a good elemental blog and I found tons which unnerved me.  I decided that the whole blog idea was dumb and I wouldn’t be able to do it.  Some time in the future we were all getting ready to raid and Samueltempus brought up my blog, I told him what I thought and he said: There are thousands of rogue blogs out there but without mine I wouldn’t be able to do half the damage I do.  He said that blogs teach the writer just as much as they teach the reader.  So the blog idea was back on again.

Now that I’ve made you’ve read about my past, how about we focus on the present and the future?  Currently my PvE goal is to figure out a way to down Sindragosa and then finally down The Lich King.  As for my achievement goals, I’m trying for “The Exalted” which requires 40 reputations at exalted.  As for blogging you can probably tell by the title of this post and a few others that I am a huge fan of alliteration.  I hope to help some struggling shamans along so they don’t become the “Iharrypotter” of their realms.  Inspire people to play elemental shamans and finally to give you a chuckle every now and again.


~ by Anslym on March 16, 2010.

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  1. Moving style. I would love to write that way.

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