Icecrown Citadel: Succeeding in the Spire

Here is a little bit of a lore background about Icecrown Citadel:

Icecrown Spire, which Icecrown Citadel is built around, is where Arthas, the Lich King resides.  When Ner’zhul was captured by Kil’jaeden he was tortured until he agreed to become the first Lich King.  The Lich King which Arthas was dispatched to combat. Fearing that the citizens of Stratholme were already contaminated by the plague, Arthas went to cleanse the city.  Running into Mal’ganis who told Arthas the real battle is up in Northrend.  He journey to Northrend in search of Mal’ganis, instead he finds Muradin.  Together they search and find the cursed blade, Frostmourne.  Fast-forward a few months and now Arthas sits atop the frozen thrown, which having put on Ner’zhul’s cursed Helm, he became the Lich King.

Defeating the Lich King isn’t going to be as easy as walking in and taking him out.  He put up some roadblocks along the way.  The post is an elemental shamans view on how to succeed in the spire.

First Boss: Lord Marrowgar.  The Lich King gathered the bones of adventurers and crafted this guardian.  His charge is to protect the frozen throne and uses its power to make sure no one gets past him.

Mechanics to look out for:

Cold Flame: He casts these four flames that will continue on in a straight line that will disappear through the wall once they reach that far. 

Bone Spike: Periodically he will impale someone which will deal damage and stun them.  These need to be dps’d down.

Bone Storm: He does a whirl-wind attack and will follow a random raid member dealing damage.

How to combat these Mechanics:

Cold Flame: I know this may be hard for some to grasp but just move.

Bone Spike: Dps these down and hope that the other members of your raid kill yours before it kills you.  We don’t have any negation type move like dispersion, iceblock, etc.

Bone Storm: Run away from him and do your healers a favor and heal yourself if your taking damage.

(These images wouldn’t come out properly, I’ll try to have this issue fixed by next time but for now just click on the box below and it should take you to the image I “masterfully” created. Thanks)



Red arrow: The area where I tend to stay (usually bunched up to help with the bone spikes)

Purple dot: Lord Marrowgar


Regular rotation on Lord Marrowgar and the bonespikes.

Second Boss: Lady Deathwhisper.  She in fact is the leader of the cult of the damned after Kel’Thuzad’s death.

Mechanics to look out for:

Death and Decay: Area of effect that does damage.

Adds: She will periodically spawn three adds on one side of the room.  These adds do not carry over into the second phase.

Curse of Torpor: increases your cool downs by 15 seconds.

Shroud of the Occult: a shield pops up around the add, depending on the add that’s the type of dps need to respond to it

Vengeful Spirits: These will spawn in phase 2.  When they reach their target they explode causing AoE damage.

How to combat these mechanics:

Death and Decay:  Step out of the death and decay

Adds: these need to be dps down quickly

Curse of Torpor: A decurse is nice.  Our resident Vent Ninja / C.I.A operative takes care of them so well that I am still under the assumption that I have yet to receive this curse.

Shroud of the Occult: Caster + shield = Melee dps / Melee + shield = Caster dps

Vengeful Spirits: If you see one coming toward you just run away.



Horizonal red arrow: Stand toward the bottom of the stairs and move if a death and decay is cast at your feet.

Pink dots: Adds that spawn.

Vertical red arrows:  move toward the adds that spawn so they can be dps down quickly.

Purple dot: Lady Deathwhisper.


Regular rotation on Lady Deathwhisper, throw in a chain lighting while the adds are all grouped up.

Third Boss: Gunship battle. An aerial battle between Skybreaker and Orgrim’s Hammer.  This is a fight between the Alliance and the Horde as they race to the top of the spire.

Mechanics to look for:

Rocket artillery:  A rocket will hit your ship for siege damage and AoE damage for all the raid members standing to close.

Adds: Adds will periodically spawn on your center of your ship.

Battle Mage:  A mage will spawn every few seconds to freeze your cannons.

Experience buffs: depending on how long the adds are spawned they gain a buff: experience / veteran / elite.

How to combat these mechanics:

Rocket artillery: A pattern will appear on the ground to signify where the rocket will strike

Adds: Dps them down.  Bring them toward Muradin / Saurfang and he will aggro and help you kill them.

Battle Mage: Depending on how your raid does it this may differ for some of you.  I am always in the cannon so as soon as my cannon freezes up I use my jetpack and hop over to kill the mage.  As soon as the mage is at 10% I tend to hop back and get ready to jump in the cannon again.  Some raids might want you to stay on the ship which is fine just stand close to the edge and kill the boarding party or the sergeants.



Right Red arrow: I tend to stand close to the cannon and toward the back of the ship so I can quickly turn to dps the sergeants or the boarding party.

Left Red arrow: Stand close to the front of the mage so you can quickly jump back after their dead (only applies if you are jumping across).

Dark blue dots: Cannons

Pink dots: Boarding party

Light blue dots: Sergeants

Green dots: Artillery  

Purple dot: Battle mage


Regular rotation on the battle mage (if you go over).  Chain lightning on the adds on your ship and the adds on the other ship as well.

Fourth Boss: Deathbringer Saurfang. Having fallen at the wrath gate and being raised at the Lich Kings most powerful death knight he bars the way into the upper spire.

Mechanic’s to look out for:

Blood Nova: Deathbringer Saurfang gains blood power from Blood nova.  If you are in 11 yards on someone the blood power he gains is increased.

Blood Beasts: He spawns blood beasts every 35 seconds.  If they hit you he will gain 10 blood power per hit.

Mark of the Fallen Champion: once he gains 100 blood power he will cast Mark of the Fallen Champion, this will damage the target continually and if the target dies he gains health back.

How to combat these mechanics:

Blood Nova: have /range 11 up and make sure you aren’t standing too close to someone.

Blood Beasts: Blood beasts need to be kill A.S.A.P.  Again depends on your raid. In my raid we get ranged on the right one while I get aggro on the left one.  All the melee leave Saurfang and help me kill the left add.

Mark of the Fallen Champion: Just need to be healed through it, cast some heals or uses some potions if you feel that you are going to die.  If you do die DO NOT CAST REINCARNATION.  The buff remains on you till he is dead.  If you die, reincarnate and die again you have just healed him 10%.



Red arrow: depends on if you are kiting or not.  If you are kiting then just run as far away from them as possible.  In my group my raid leader, a rogue (Samueltempus) tricks’ me and then stuns it so we can all kill it without needed to worry.

Purple dot: Deathbringer Saurfang.


Regular rotation on Deathbringer and on the blood beasts.

These maybe different for your guild / raid group but this is how in Bucklers of Swash Group 1 I battle these bosses. 


~ by Anslym on March 20, 2010.

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