Executing the Exalted

As I mentioned before I am trying for the, “The Exalted” achievement.  The reason why I am aspiring for this achievement is because I like playing this game and I like achievements, but sometimes this game can get a little boring with nothing to do.  Sure raiding is fun, but what am I supposed to do in between raids?  I guess I could farm gold, but when will I know I’ve finished? When will I have enough?  This is why this achievement is perfect.  It takes a while to do, It may be mind-numbing but at least it isn’t eye-bleeding like “The Insane”, and if offers a great title: The Exalted.  Anslym the Exalted. . . I like it.  The requirement for this title is to have 40 reputations at exalted status.  This is a great way to knock out some other reputation achievements as well.  Not to mention you have a good shot at getting the “Mountain O’ Mounts” achievement as well.

The list below are the reputations I plan to get to exalted:

Stormwind                                                 Netherwing

Ironforge                                                    Kurenai

Gnomeregan Exiles                                 Sha’tari Skyguard

Darnassus                                                    Shattered Sun

The Exodar                                                 Honor Hold

The Ashen Verdict                                  The Sha’tar

Kirin Tor                                                      Cerion Expedition

Argent Crusade                                         Cerion Circle

Wrymrest                                                     The Aldor

Knights of the Ebon Blade                     The Lower City

Valiance Expedition                                The Consortium

Sons of Hodir                                               The Wintersaber trainers

The Frostborn                                              Ogri’la

The Explorers league                                Booty Bay

Silver Covenant                                           Rachet

The Kalu’ak                                                    Everlook

The Frenzyheart                                          Gadgetzan

The Oracles                                                     Sporegarr

Timbermaw Hold                                         Stormpike guard

Argent Dawn                                                  Alliance Vanguard

Getting these reputations to exalted will result in the following extras:

Titles:                                                                     Mounts:

Ambassador                                            Netherwing – Netherdrake

The Diplomat                                           Kurenai – Tabulk

Guardian of Cenarius                            Cerion Expedition – Hippogriff

The Argent Champion                         The Oracle – *chance* Green Proto-drake

Of the Ashen Verdict                            Sha’tari Skyguard – Netherray

Of the Shattered Sun                              Wrymrest – red drake

                                                          Alliance reputations – reputation mounts

                                                                       Sons of Hodir – Mammoths

                                                           Silver Covenant – Hippogriff + horse

                                                            Wintersabre trainers – Wintersabre

 ***You can also receive the title: Crusader, if you have completed the Argent Tournament quests***

Reputation Key:






 Thanks for reading and wish me luck.


~ by Anslym on March 22, 2010.

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