ICC: Inappropriate Collaboration of Corniness

        (Disclaimer: may not be suitable for younger audience’s, this will change your outlook on ICC forever, and yes ICC bosses were harmed in the making.)

This post is to make sure that all of you are raiding properly, doesn’t matter the class and doesn’t matter the spec.  Just make sure that everyone is doing this for their raids.

The most important rule to remember about raiding Icecrown Citadel is.  ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM.  If you think I’m kidding you are sadly mistaken.  Let me explain.

So you’re with your friends partying it up at a bar somewhere when she walks in.  You immediately say to your friends “Grab me Spyglass!”  You know right then and there you’re bound by bone.  Hold on their buddy, before you reach one hundred bloodpower and BONESTORM!  Let me tell you what goes down between you and her. 

So you go back to her Citadel. . . and fun time begins so many delightful possibilities.

“Fix your eyes upon your crude hands, the soft meat, and dark blood coursing within.  Can you handle this?  You can? Then arise and exalt in your pure form!”


You begin your assault on the lower spire.

“Your salvation lies within, heroes!” she cries, “I will not last much longer.”

Then she mutters, “My Queen. . . they come . . .,” So she’s a tad bit crazy, that was unexpected.

“Do you get grasp the futility of your actions? HERE IS COMES!”

“Argh . . . Frostmourne, obey me!  Aaah!  It burns! What sorcery is this?!

“Were taking too much damage to stay aloft,” you think to yourself.

Fun time over.

Sleepy time ensues.

Upon waking you mutter to yourself, “I not feel so good.”  Turns out you have the Icky Sticky.

This would have been preventable had you put a condom on your willy.

Boss Quotes: Think these quotes aren’t from the bosses, Take a listen next time you raid.

Lord Marrowgar

Lady Deathwhisper

Gunship Battle

Deathbringer Saurfang



Professor Putricide

Blood Princes

Blood Queen



The Lich King

This post is dedicated to Stalkuren of Mug’thol.


~ by Anslym on March 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “ICC: Inappropriate Collaboration of Corniness”

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  2. Lol, Awesome 😀 Those dirty bosses!

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