Anslym’s A-muse-ing Anecdotes

Sorry about the long delay in posts.  Life does that thing where it butts into your plans and messes everything up.  This post is going to have a little of everything to make up for my lack of posts lately.  

I have managed to procrastinated myself into a few sleepless nights coming up.  I have to write an essay proving that the society the boys in Lord of the Flies create is a microcosm of adult society for english class.  Put together a review of literature on the topic of the effect of alcohol on the teenage brain for anthropology.  Study for a genetics test in Biology and finally I have to make a presentation on my talent en français which is creative writing.  Maybe I’ll post something I’ve written later.  I’ve also become addicted to the T.V show Burn Notice, any of you guys watch it?  Anyway, back to World of Warcraft and shamanism.

A few days ago I asked Windsoar  for a little bit of musing so here is what she came up with:

/cast Muse
Elemental totem rocking is your game, yet, how could it be better? What changes would make elemental rock the party (and scale our dps correctly in high-end content darnit!)?

I’ve read quite a few posts asking for musing over at Jaded Alt and I think I snagged a tough questions and I’ll do my best to answer it. 

One of my irks is that we have no defensive cooldowns.  I happened to mention during a raid one night how a totem that could shift some damage to an earth totem would be pretty cool.  I was reminded that, that would be over powered and shamans would be a must have in arena’s.  Note this ability would only be available to the shaman casting it.  Now as over powered as this sounds it would have its draw-backs.  I was thinking that the shaman who casts this totem would receive  an exhaustion debuff lasting 3 minutes.  This would pose some interesting planning.  In a PvE setting you would use the totem to stay alive and miss out on Heroism/Bloodlust,  but in PvP would you go defensive to stay alive or would you go offensive to kill your target before it kills you?

On another note Elemental shaman’s don’t have fade, feign death, or any aggro dropping abilities.   This kills my dps in random dungeon’s.  The tank is a new tank, fresh 80 and I’m geared for Icecrown citadel out the wazoo.  This doesnt upset me I will take my time and go at your pace.  We were all new at one point or another, but if I cast a few spells I pull off the tank which is a problem if the healer is a fresh 80 as well.  If push comes to shove I will heal myself but I prefer the whole offense is the best defense myself.  But then again if I do pull aggro I can just pop my defense totem. . . oh wait.

I havent really put much thought into how to make out dps better in high-end content.  I could easily write make Elemental Mastery bring all cooldown to zero so we can cast Lava burst twice in a row.  Then you have to look at the PvP implications: 18,000 damage x 2 in the span of 2 seconds?  I don’t think so.  In my opinion I think if they increase the base damage of some spells, and if they increased the haste buff from Elemental Mastery from 15 seconds to 30 it would help some.  Keep in mind these aren’t really thought out idea’s just some things that come to mind.


As most of you already know MMO-Champion has released some information regarding Cataclysm Beta.  I would love to score a Beta pass so I could log into the ravaged world of Azeroth. . . Not for my benefit, but yours.  I would gather as much information as possible and post it here.  I would of course place a nice big Spoiler picture at the top so for those of you who want to experience it first hand.  I would most likely make a horde character so when I level my actual characters it would be a bore.  Can’t wait for Cataclysm!


Just an update on my Exalted reputation standing:

 I have reached exalted with all the Alliance factions and earned my Ambassador title and my Crusader title.  I have also reached exalted with The Frenzyheart and the Kalu’ak.

For those of you who celebrate it:  Happy Easter!


~ by Anslym on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Anslym’s A-muse-ing Anecdotes”

  1. I seem to have been meaner to new kids on the block >.> Sowwy!

    I hadn’t ever thought of a defensive totem in that light. A de-aggro’er would be nice for lower levels though. I’m sure my husband and I are blacklisted from a few tank lists for ding-donging mobs between us on random runs (ele shaman and destro warlock make the mobs go “RAWR, WHICH ONE!”)

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