What-up Weekly (Mar 30 – Apr 6)


I plan to make this a weekly post sort of like the Daily Queue or The Daily Blues over at Wow.com.  It’s too bad that I am the only one writing / playing the game so I’m going to have to make it a weekly.  It’s a great way if I run out of ideas or am waiting for something to come in to being. 


Not much has happened in the last week to report of.  Raid wise we made it to Sindragosa before we decided to go down Yogg-Saron for the first time instead of working on the Lich King.  We couldn’t raid on Sunday because we were two people down.  It was fine with me, I wasn’t in much of a raiding mood this week.  I skipped out on our 25 man because doing the same thing over and over gets kind of boring after a while.  Instead I ran the same place over and over (Botanica) farming up Sha’tar reputation.  After my 20th run I got bored so I did all the Consortium and Aldor quests in Netherstorm. 

With all this spare time on my hands I decided to log onto my SAN (Single Abstract Noun) character Phendera.  I told them I was going to be making a hunter (Jeshym) and asked if I could snag a guild invite, and of course I did.  The only downside is, is that there is over 500 members so I no longer show up on their guild charter.  Not too bad I guess,  its just too bad that I have CADD (Character Attention Deficit Disorder)  it’s the reason I only have two level 80 characters.  I don’t know I just can’t stick with a character that’s not on my home server “Mug’thol”.  So instead I rolled a Gnome warlock named Trynda.  Last night I managed to get her to level 6 before I needed to get started on some homework.  I finished at 12:30am and had to get up a 6:00am to finish the final touches and write this post.  Not that I’m complaining or anything just skip over all the spelling and grammatical errors because a late night and an early morning aren’t the greats combo for me but something has to prepare me for University right?  As I was just reminded I have to go take out the garbage.  So as I go upstairs grab a glass of OJ and pop my vitamin D pill I’ll be thinking about WoW and all of you who will be reading this post.  As I climb back down the stairs to pull on my nifty school uniform I’ll be thinking about what school as in store of me today.  And lastly when I pop two white ones (Excel Spearmint, Guild leaders wife. . .or The Mrs. As you make know here from Slice n’ dice hates gum but I’m a junkie.) I’ll be thinking of Cataclysm and the changes that are being posted tomorrow.  I’ll have them on this blog all nice and torn apart for you guys and I’ll be damn sure to include my thoughts on them.  Have a great day.


~ by Anslym on April 6, 2010.

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