Anslym’s Green-Thumb

I know I’m a little late in posting this, but the weather was nice this weekend which meant I had to do yard word. 

So as I was playing on my warlock I realized it was the last night to finish my Noblegarden achievements.  I had finished a few of them but not all, which meant I needed to get cracking.  As I was doing the “Shake your bunny maker” achievement in Dalaran I read in trade chat that someone needed help finishing their “Spring Fling” achievement, that someone was Emeraldaa (right side of the picture).  So we soon realize that I need the one by Ironforge and Goldshire while she needs the one by Ironforge and Azurewatch.  So we make a plan to go to Ironforge, and then fly to Stormwind.  In flight we begin talking about what other achievements we need and turns out she needed Hard boiled and I needed to put rabbit ears on a Gnome.

After all was said in done in Goldshire I needed to do the achievement “Desert Rose” only problem was I didn’t have the robe for it.  What does she do?  She stays with me and helps me collect 50 eggs so I can purchase it.  She actually pointed out more eggs to me then I found by myself.  So after I grab the robe she helps me with “Blushing Bride” and we grab a port to The Exodar.  Once we finish up there we hearth to Dalaran and she helps me find the elusive female Troll.  We take the portal to Caverns of Time and run to Un’goro Crater.  She got the “Hard Boiled” achievement and a few minutes later I get my “Desert Rose” and “Noble Gardener” achievements.  If it hadn’t been for this nice person I probably wouldn’t have finished the achievements in time.  So here’s to you Emeraldaa on Mug’thol,  Thanks!


~ by Anslym on April 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Anslym’s Green-Thumb”

  1. Hey were not that Hard to find…

  2. You are on Mug’thol ^+^

  3. Good job on getting all the achievements for this event! After I got my Spring Robes and my Elegant Dress, I was quite satisfied and vowed never against to run around for hours trying to steal eggs from campers =P

    Just to make sure – this is an alt of Dretmanthes, correct?

  4. Yes, this is my main.

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