Celestial Spiel

World of Warcraft® Mount: Celestial Steed

Image taken from the Blizzard Store.

Alright looks like it’s my turn to jump on the Celestial Steed pulled Bandwagon and give my views on the matter.

I know quite a few bloggers who recently purchased their Celestial Steed and are proud.  What do I say to them? Good for you!  It’s their money, it’s their game, and it’s their prerogative!  There are two things all those people complaining about the mount out there need to realize:

1)      No matter how Blizzard would release it into the game it would cause uproar.  If they made it drop off of Algalon people would complain.  People who already have killed Algalon a few dozen times would complain about missing out on all those possible drops.  Then other people would complain about not being able to see Algalon let alone down him for the said mount drop.

 2)      It isn’t going to be game breaking.  This is a purely cosmetic item, same goes for the pets.  They don’t grant you buffs and the most certainly don’t grant you Honor kills.  Well actually the Celestial Steed might grant some honor kills.  I would imagine that seeing a sparkly horse running around Warsong Gulch might attract some members of the opposing faction to you. 

Will you see me leaning out my window waving my cane at people to get their Celestial Steed of my lawn?  No.  I will however being looking out the window wanting mine that much more.  As I voiced this opinion I got some interesting replies, one of them being: “Why bother getting one, its not liked you earned it in game.  You just bought it, where is the sense of achievement in that?”  They bring up a good point.  Even if I bought one for myself I would still be using my Netherdrake because of how long it took me to get, my eyes still weep a red tear after all that eye bleeding quests I did.  Even with the nerf doing them a second time is mind-numbing, Did I mention I know someone who did the reputations three times over . . . in BC. . . pre-nerf.  Now back to the Horse and its lack of achievement feeling.  I don’t see that changing but if say someone were to get me one for my birthday next Friday then that would be different.  Anyway that’s just my opinion.


~ by Anslym on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “Celestial Spiel”

  1. Precisely my opinion 🙂

    If it was a raid drop from a hardmode, casuals would whine. If it was a raid/5man drop from a fairly easy encounter, hardcores would whine that it’s too easy to get, and possibly some even more casual players who don’t raid at all. Being able to buy it means that the less hardcore players are guaranteed ONE awesome looking mount if they’re willing to/can afford to pay for it. If every future mount was from the store maybe I’d understand, but just one and a few pets? I don’t see the problem.

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