Blogger Business: Leveling 1 – 10

I recently discovered that on blog Azeroth there is a forum labeled *Shared Topics*, yeah I know I’m great on the pick up.  Now that I’ve made that awesome discovery I plan to get to each topic every week in a new segment called: Bloggers Business! 

This week’s topic is leveling 1 – 10. Blizzard stated that over 70% of accounts don’t make it past level 10.  There can be any number of reasons for this and I’m going to list the ones that irk me the most.

Starting Zones:

  The very beginning of your characters adventure starts off with a few easy quests that shelter us from the outside world.  We run around for 10 seconds till we find what we need and then we run back.  Quick, easy, and rewarding –Within the first quest you reach level 2.  Once you leave this area – Northshire, Valley of Trials, etc- the real questing begins.  You have to run from one side of the zone to the other all the while getting attacked by everything!  Not only are these zones large but the quests require you to run everywhere for them.

Mob Spawn Points: 

Alright, I get it the final end of the chain requires you to go kill the leader of some group.  Be it Trolls, Demons, or even Kobolds you have to travel through some area where there are zillions of them and they respawn faster then you can kill them.

Grave yards:

Usually in the expansively large zone there are few graveyards.  Which makes running around while dead a snore-fest!  I understand that they made the runs speed while dead faster but would a few more graveyards really kill anyone?  Its not like there’s a capita on how many dead bodies you need to start a grave yard.


The one thing that I always pass on whist leveling a new character (and there have been many) is that one cooking quest.  Oh looks like that boar was just skin and bones . . . absolutely no meat on them.  Really I can stand running around killing the things I need to do to pick up a feather, or a gear do I really need to pick up cooking reagents that drop randomly?

Even with all this I find leveling 1- 10 easy compared to 19 – 30.  I don’t know about you but I prefer nicely lit zones.  That’s why I avoid Duskwood with a passion.  Duskwood has claimed more lives that the Horde has on my server.  It also gets boring leveling up in the same zones over and over so that why I’m currently leveling up my Warlock in a zone that I’ve never quested in. . . Wetlands.  I hope Cataclysm comes soon because I need those world changes. 



~ by Anslym on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Blogger Business: Leveling 1 – 10”

  1. My favorite 1-10 so far. Thanks for the different take ^^

  2. I enjoyed 1-10, but I am guessing that is because I was so new to the game and unfamiliar with the Warcraft world that I was excited to explore as much as I could. I also thought the zones were very beautifully designed… though I agree with you that I hate Duskwood! And now I feel like I was kind of robbed of a nice experience in another arena by spending so much time in Westfall – oh well! We must live with the hand that fate deals us =)

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