What-up Weekly (Apr 6 – Apr 20)

Sorry for the delay in posting what-up weekly.  I’ve been swamped with school work, apparently Monday nights are when I’m most busy.  I feel as if my whole future is weighing down on me right now as I try and get the grade and classes I need for my final year of High School before I move of into University.  If you think me freaking out about grades is bad you should see me when I try to narrow down my possible University list.  Anyway I guess the only thing getting me through this is the thought of my Birthday this Friday (17 years old, woot!) and my Washington DC trip next Wednesday. 

Back into WoW, I don’t feel as if you readers enjoy my rant about real life . . . yet.  I don’t know I read all these blogs about people who have 2000 views a day and they’ve been only blogging for 4 months and it makes me feel as if I’m not doing everything I can.  Which is bad because writing is a passion of mine, I’m probably doing that thing where I blow everything out of proportion and stress myself out.  The only way I seem to relax now-a-days is by putting in attempts on the Lich King.

 Last week we managed to steam-roll though ICC in 3 hours and one shot every boss, well other then Lich King.  Group 1 has come to the conclusion that we are going to keep extending the raid lock till we get him down.  Our best attempt so far is 53%!

I also invested in some more heirloom gear so I could level a warlock character.  Trynda is now level 23.  I like playing her; I plan to get her to 80 and gear + getting my Shadow priest geared.  Then I can get ready for Cataclysm and roll all the other ranged classes I want to play.

I took some time to actually become an active member at Single Abstract Noun.  I rolled a Death Knight, although it kinda feels like I’m cheating by just being ahead of so many people level wise.  But once I got through the starting quests I became a Warsong Gulch junkie.

 Recently learned about the shared topic section over at Blog Azeroth, so if you want to read my first ever shared topic you can find them in the Blogger’s Business page.  My last two posts got me some comments from two blogger I look up to, and read their blogs religiously are Windsoar from Jaded Alts and Jaedia over at The Lazy-Sniper, I was pretty excited about that.  Well I think I might end mid-rant.  Thanks for reading.


~ by Anslym on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “What-up Weekly (Apr 6 – Apr 20)”

  1. I actually really enjoy reading about people’s real lives, especially when there are so many important decisions looming ahead of you! What part of the U.S. do you live in? I’ve also enjoyed PvP more lately now that I can actually defend myself against Horde twinks… can’t wait to do my first raid! I had no idea that fighting the Lich King was that hard?

  2. Lol, I live in Canada so going to a University in the States is really low on my list of places to go. I live in the Ontario area so my 4 choices are: UoToronto, UoWestern Ontario, UofWaterloo, and QueensU. I plan to major in Health Sciences (Planning on becoming a pediatrician, or thats the plan. You specifically know about my book-in-progress, and my back-up is to be an English proff -specifically Creative Writing / Writers Craft).

    The Lich King fight isnt hard its just learning the mechanics which make it tricky. An update on that by the way is we got him to 39% tonight! ^+^


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