Blogger’s Business: What to do when your raid is cancelled

Blog Azeroth’s shared topic for today was submitted by Deyndor. His topic was what to do when your raid is cancelled? I think last night was a tad bit ironic, with the guild issues that have been happening at Bucklers of Swash (If you’re really interested there’s a link here). We were down a tank and then our other tank failed to show up we were left with our back-up tank and a back-up, back-up tank saved to ICC for this week. Looks like the Lich King gets to live for another night, long story short . . . our raid was cancelled. We made a spilt second decision to go for the “Undying” Achievement we made it to Saph when someone had to run. That was a one time event this is what I do when the raid is actually cancelled: I have quite a list of things to-do when a raid gets cancelled, a teenagers job is never finished you know.  Just a Side note: This will also be counting as my What-up weekly post.

 Play an Alt:

I am currently leveling up my Warlock to level 80 which is fun but I never seem to have any time for her. I’m always doing homework or raiding. I’ll have time for her when things start to settle down in my life, which should be next week.

 Play over at SAN:

I try to log on at least once a day to say hi to my fellow bloggers and readers. I guess I’ll eventually level Dretmatahes to level 80. It’s on my list of things to do, I swear!

Anslym the Exalted:

20/40 done. I have all the instance grinding ones left. This has high priority on my to-do list but when I see the words on the list I just cringe at the thought of mindlessly grinding away instances.

 Blog Posts:

 I have this little orange book that I jot down notes about future posts I may be writing. Currently the next few pages are of shared topics and a few more about leveling an elemental shaman. I’m sure I’ll get around to posting them . . . eventually.


Bane of my existence! With my Washington DC trip starting after tomorrow my teachers are piling on the homework to make sure “I don’t miss anything”. Only thing I’m missing is sleep. That picture above is my presentation on St. Lucia. I should be working on the 400 word write-up that goes along with it but I’ve decided to take a break and finish this post instead. I guess I should elaborate because this post is over 400 words and it isn’t that big a deal, yeah those 400 words have to be en francais! I also have an Anthropology test that I “have” to write tomorrow. As for my biology teacher (who is going on the trip), she had the great idea of making me write my test on the bus ride to Washington . . . great idea ms. . . .


I LOVE reading. I’m currently reading Dante’s Divine Comedy –Inferno. I’m on the second canto and loving it. My room resembles somewhat of a library that picture above is only one of my selves full of books. The top of that shelf is cut off but it has all the Harry Potter books and the whole Warcraft series on it.


Finally the last thing to do when a raid is cancelled is sleep. You never know when you have to pull an all nighter finishing a project or studying for a stupid test.

I hope you have enjoyed my rant about my life and what I do when my raid is cancelled. I forgot to mention I enjoy watching hours of T.V as well.



~ by Anslym on April 26, 2010.

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