Bloggers Business: The Best & Worst: Cities/Towns

This weeks shared topic was submitted by Windsoar over at Jaded Alts, here is what she had to say:

After a long day of adventuring, where’s your favorite town to hang up your weapon, take off your boots or slippers and curl up with a glass of wine? (Or a skin of whatever swill you undead people drink.. how does that work anyway? I wouldn’t think you’d need food and water, but I see you nomming as much as the rest of us.)

What town makes you want to turn your charger around and race for the next outpost? Where you know the bedbugs WILL bite, and the slop on your plate will likely leave you with indigestion?        

She covered the regular but the important topics in her post so I thought I would base my city choices on some original idea’s.

It doesn’t matter if you like slummin’ it in Stonard or partying it up in Pyrewood village here are the places I picked:  Mirage Raceway, Booty Bay, Aerie Peak, The Stormspire, Westfall Brigade Encampment, and Frosthold.

I will be grading them on: Waking up hung over after a party, honeymooning, defense against a murloc invasion, the chance of escaping after poisoning someone’s drink, and finally good ol’ fashion bar brawl.

Mirage Raceway:

 Waking up: The shimmering sand and the noise from the cars won’t do your hangover any good, this is a place for partying . . . not waking up too.  0/5

Honeymoon:  Not really much too do other then watch the race’s and go for strolls along the sand.  1/5

Defense against murlocs: Not really much of a defense, although these are goblins we are talking about.  They might have some weapons lying around.  Another bonus is that for the murlocs to get here they would have to trek from either The Barrens or Taranis Desert, and the flat lying sand would help you spot them miles away.  4/5

Poisoning the drink: This may go noticed here, but if your victim were to say, I don’t know, get themselves blown up by a faulty fuel line or slashed breaks. . .  1/5

 Bar fight: Goblins don’t drink, they scheme. 1/5


Booty Bay:

 Waking up: A good place to wake up if any, just make sure you pass out some where with some decent security.  You know them pirates, they’ll take the clothes off your back . . . and depending on how the party went, you may not have any either. 3/5

 Honeymoon:  Plenty of actives to do but the crowd aren’t the nicest, plus this isn’t really a romantic setting either. 2/5

Defense against murlocs: This town is practically on the water, a great place for murlocs to attack.  Then again this place is filled with weapons of every sort.  3/5

Poisoning the drink:  Well there is a sign upon entering any bar here “Drink at own risk”  if someone drank something and was turned up dead it would be blamed on something going bad in the back room. If you plan to kill someone this way, Booty Bay is your best shot. 6/5

 Bar fight: A great place to have one, but this may travel from the bar to encompass the whole town. 4/5


 Aerie Peak:

Waking up: Well these are dwarves were talking about, everyone has a hang over.  5/5

Honeymoon:  Nice, relaxing, and peaceful.  You could travel over to the Quel’Danil Lodge for a romantic getaway. 5/5

Defense against murlocs:  The Sea is on the other side of the zone and the Horde village is right on the shore.  Not to mention this is where the Wild Hammer dwarves and their Gryphon’s live. 5/5

Poisoning the drink: The Dwarves may like to drink but they aren’t stupid, they would know something was up if you tried something here. 0/5

Bar fight: A great place to have a bar fight because dwarves can never hold a grudge, the fight would end with everyone getting a drink.  5/5



The Stormspire:

Waking up: Check you belongings because they might have been “traded” while you were out.  Also done look directly at the brightly shining guys here, they only make your headache worst. 2/5 

Honeymoon: Many activities although hard to travel too.  You could also have a nice romantic picnic by the river that flows through the jungle.  4/5

Defense against murlocs: Good luck getting there murloc’s 5/5

Poisoning the drink:  You could get away with this here.  These are traders and thieves and more than likely they are going to think someone mixed up drinks and they really meant to kill the Prince.

Bar fight:  These people trade the booze not drink them 0/5



Westfall Brigade Encampment:

Waking up: The clacking of hooves on the ground would pound right into your head, not the greatest place in the world to wake up to. 2/5

Honeymoon: Great place with many activities such as: horse riding, hiking, swimming.  A nice peaceful and romantic place for a getaway. 5/5

Defense against murlocs:  This is a military base after all, I think they can manage. 5/5

Poisoning the drink: They would notice immediately, catch you and bring you to justice. 0/5

Bar fight: These guys know how to throw a punch, you may feel it in the morning. 1/5





Waking up: Dwarves know how to handle the hangover and there is plenty of ice around for your headache. 5/5

Honeymoon: Not many activities other then feeding the eagles.  The weather is kind of chilly but its perfect for snuggling up next to a nice warm toasty fire. 4/5

Defense against murlocs:  This place is up a mountain and the sea is far from it. This place also has eagles guarding it.  5/5

Poisoning the drink:  They would catch one quickly. 0/5

Bar fight: See Aerie Peak bar fight.


 Thanks for reading, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it.



~ by Anslym on May 4, 2010.

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