What-up Weekly: April 27th-May 9th

This week has been interesting to say the least.  I plan to move the What-up Weekly posts to Thursday due to the Shared topic posts I will be posting on Mondays.   As you can see on your right I have included some more blogs to my blogroll.  I went to the wiki on all WoW blogs and went through the general list of them.  I click each and every single one and here are some of the conditions I had on including them on my list:

  • Does the blog still exist? (at least half of the list didn’t)
  • Is it in English? (A few of them were in Spanish and being Canadian I can only manage to converse in French. . . barely)
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Has the blog been active in the last week? (Some of them had their last post last July)
  • Do I like the writers style (A few of them I didn’t like) 

If they passed all these then they made it onto my blog roll, if you have a blog or know of a blog that you think I should see please leave me a comment.

On Wednesday morning I left for my Washington D.C trip.  It was amazing!  I love all the history behind this city.  Do you know you have Canada (well Britain then) to thank for making your White House white?  If we didn’t light it on fire the house would still be whatever colour it was originally.  The bus ride there was interesting to say the least, we got lost several times (our 11 hour bus ride took 15 instead), we got held up at the border for an hour and we lost a couple people in a store we stopped at.  I had a great time at the places we visited.  I had the chance to go visit:  Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Korean & Vietnam Memorial,  Baltimore Aquarium, Holocaust Memorial/Museum, Ronald Regan building, George Town, Smithsonian,  and may more places I’m forgetting.        

In WoW, my guild’s group 1 is still having trouble on the Lich King; you can read about it here.  I’ve been playing my warlock a little more and I finished my Children’s Week achievements on Anslym.  The achievements aren’t that hard to-do.  For Anslym’s “School of hard knocks” the Warsong and Alterac valley the horde helped finish it.  Arathi Basin was easy, I just thunderstormed some Horde off of Lumber Mill and I finished that one.  Eye of the storm was a challenge, when I finally got the flag I disconnected and when I logged back in I was dead.  Regardless I managed to finish!

Now this is the part where I call on you.  Now that I have tried my hand at raiding, and dabbled in player vs player I want to try role-playing.  I don’t want to role-play in game though, I would prefer to write posts about it instead of actually take part in game.  The part that I need help with from you guys is I don’t know how to play the role-play game.  So if you have any pointers, or know any good blog posts that discuss roleplaying please link them here.  Thanks! 


~ by Anslym on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “What-up Weekly: April 27th-May 9th”

  1. Too Many Annas has a whole sheaf of articles on role-play. The Physician’s Log has had a couple of posts (I especially thought she did an awesome job discussing personal relationships between characters) and…. ummmm…. Hopefully someone will have some more.

  2. Hey Buddy,

    I hear there is this one shadowpriest who recently started his own Blog. Not sure but I think it’s on this website: http://vampirictouch.wordpress.com/

    Check it out 😛

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