What-up Weekly: May 10th – May 14th

There are a lot of things that prohibit me from writing.  Mainly it’s a messy room, kind of ironic because guess what I’m sitting in?  That’s why I missed the shared topic this week.  But its not my fault its my desk that is mainly the problem, how can I get any writing done with stuff cluttering it?  I have books piled haphazardly on the edge, they’re teetering in an unsafe way.  I have bits and scraps of paper from idea’s I jot down for Sword through the Horde (the name of the novel I’ve written and neglected to edit.  The “horde” part has nothing to do with cunning trolls, spiritual tauren, or even crafty undead.  There is as usual a whole back story to the title but long story short: Main character has to battle àSword throughß the Queens àhordeß of soldiers.)  It could also be something for future posts. Here is a perfect example of notes littering my desk “He is drawing from experience.” Who is drawing from experience? Is it my main character Daniel?  Is it a secondary character like Dock, Winko, or Doawn?  Maybe it’s Anslym for my roleplaying piece?  Then comes the next question: What experience is it?  Is it getting shot? Getting captured and imprisoned? Falling in love? Falling out of love? What is it?!  I have plenty of empty notebooks I can write all this in but they look so pristine that I don’t want to damage them with my untidy scrawl.   

I also have pencil crayons littering the area due to a project I was feverishly trying to finish before midnight.  I have a baggie with Q-tips in it from my trip to Washington D.C still lying around and the box from my motherboard on another edge of the desk from last night.  The reason for that is: I’m not a tech-savy person and I’m trying to get a new graphics card for my computer and everyone over vent was trying to help me figure out what I need. 

Remember how I posted about not knowing what university to go to?  Well I’ve run into a slightly more important problem.  What am I going to university for?  Becoming a doctor is all nice and dandy but that requires a lot of time, patients, and smarts.  Not to mention all time I’ll be spending in the hospital and being on-call.  I could always go into the English aspect of it.  I wouldn’t mind being an English professor; getting night, weekends, and summers off would be nice.  Then again money is an issue, I know I know follow your heart and that is payment enough.  I just can’t decide!  I did one of those online career tests and guess what popped up when I did it.  Writer and Doctor!  Like come on!  So most likely tomorrow or Sunday I’ll be posting my role playing piece and possibly an excerpt from STTH (Sword Through the Horde) and would appreciate your opinions.

Now to my week in game:  Managed to get my Warlock to level 33.  My Icecrown group managed to get the Lich King down to 22%!  We got really excited about that, and my priest did the weekly for some emblems . . . really excited, I know.  Again, thanks for reading.


~ by Anslym on May 14, 2010.

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