Bloggers Business: Helping New Players

This week Nexdominus suggested the topic of helping players as this weeks shared topic.  I thought about the many different ways I help new characters and I also like to be original.  So this is my take on this weeks shared topic.

Things that should have been told

to me when I started 

-In the form of a song-

One, Two, Oh hello are you new?


Three, Four, Avoid Southshore.

Five, Six, Arathi Basin is full of . . . . sticks?

Seven, Eight, Learn to affiliate.

Nine, Ten, avoid the dragon den.

Eleven, Twelve, You won’t reach the top shelve.

Thirteen, Fourteen, Avoid being seen.

Fifteen, Sixteen, Achievement points are for your Epeen.

Seventeen, Eighteen, Get a mount thats mean.

Ninteen, Twenty Soon you’ll have epics a plenty.

Thanks for reading!



~ by Anslym on May 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bloggers Business: Helping New Players”

  1. haha, i love that song! need more of these

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  3. Really? You’re making the music teacher in me cringe, but hey, at least it was creative 🙂

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