Killing the King

I whisper to the elements of fire to heat up the frozen ink so I may write this letter.  My cloak wrapper tightly around myself I am happy to write we managed to put an end some of the atrocities that have plagued this world for far too long.  We have successfully vanquished the Frost Queen named Sindragosa. The group that I have become part of is of an odd sort.  The leader, a Gnome, by the name of Samueltempus is the leader of this bunch of misfits, or so it seems.  Just like all gnomes he is muttering something about logs, and a world he plans to make of logs, logs of the world or something like the latter.  Now a priest, named Malinda, she seems to be the one that “leads” our leader.  Is it possible that they have a history?  A Hunter who’s muttering about Kestrel the Kingslayer is still ringing in my ears.  Another priest of the light but his tendencies are fairing for the shadows, Javaed be his name.  A force to be trifled with I’m sure, Stalkuren stands tall and proud as his leaves blow in the chilling wind.  Odd pair of Gnomes by the names of Cowburner and Bokino like to joke around even in this most dire time, those are Gnomes for you.  Pelz, the warrior of the group, is possibly the most skilled swordsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness in battle, and finally our furry friend, Cilice who kept all the unspeakable horrors off our backs.  I whisper to the spirits of the air in hopes that this letter will find you, because Tirion Fordring it calling for us.

Yes that right, we finally downed the Lich King.  We have brought justice to the damned and made the world a safer place . . . for now.  Samueltempus did a better job of explaining what went down over at Slice N’ Dice.  Thanks for reading.


~ by Anslym on May 19, 2010.

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