What-up Weekly: 15-23

So I sat down at my computer with my orange notebook ready to plan out this post, only problem is, is that I couldn’t come up with anything to talk about.  The longer I sat there the more and more I was blanking on my week, I guess this is what happens when you stay up till 2 A.M playing WoW.  More over when you log off shut everything down then you lay down into your nice cozy bed and your brain just won’t stop.  So I do what I usually do when I can’t think of idea’s to talk about . . . I go read other people’s blogs. 

So I finally grabbed some inspiration and [still] sat down –I was already sitting- and began to plan out my post.  I ran through the usual check list of things to talk about: School, Guild, Raid, Alts, etc. So school, what did I do at school this week?  Well I learned about the pathway of blood through the heart.  My teacher made us memorize the whole path of blood starting at the Vena Cava into the lungs and out the Aorta.  We got to dissect a sheep heart and then watch as the teacher dissected a cow heart, the thing was massive!  I got a few pictures of the sheep heart but I won’t post for some more of the squeamish readers out there.  In English we started and finished Macbeth.  The play was good I really enjoyed it but I found the ending where Macduff kills Macbeth a bit dull. 

Raiding this week was intense; we finally downed the Lich King after a month of trying!  That was fun; I picked up the fist weapon off of him for my Enhancement spec.  To bad I don’t have one; I really need to start grabbing gear for my Restoration spec.  After we killed him I went to repair to find that I had less then 100g on Anslym. Uh oh. This has led me to pick up the auctioneer addon for my bank alt so I can start playing the Auction House game.  Anyone know any good bloggers who talk about Auctioneer?  I could use some help.

A few days ago I asked for help with a roleplaying post –Which I’m still working on, I’m halfway finished it I’m just waiting on something to make it pop- Windsoar from Jadedalts recommended Too Many Annas.  So I went to take a look and I fell in love with her character stories.  The way she writes them makes me feel like I’m actually there with them.  Speaking of bloggers and character stories I came across a blood elf blog and she had written some stories about her character.  She mentions her love for Silvermoon City and the enjoyment she has at the hot springs in Winterspring.  Me reading this blog at 3 A.M and gotten there my clicking a link to a link from a link that was quoting another link I forgot the blog and I was wondering if any of you guys know this blog and could point me in the right direction.  Many thanks!

Jaedia over at The Lazy Sniper has started playing her Shadow Priest, Seithir.  Reading her posts about her enjoyment on her Shadow Priest made me want to play my Shadow priest.  So it is my pleasure to introduce you to Chmelyk, the Shadow priest!



 Now in an effort to gear up my shadow priest I’ve been running a few randoms as of late.  I’ve noticed quite a few things in my random running tangent which I will be posting about it later this week. I tried to think of a segue for this next sentence but I failed miserably so here it is.  A good shadow priest friend of mine Banibaq started his own blog right here.

I’ve started paying a little bit more attention to “the other side”, this means the Horde.  Last night when my brain was doing that whole “I’m going to keep you awake for hours thinking about everything”, I started thinking about playing a horde character.  For this to happen I want to find someone who has a few character on the server and is willing to talk to me, the server needs to be a nice server with an equal horde vs. alliance server.  I’m a social person; I need someone to talk to that probably why I have never gotten a horde past level 20.  But I’m going to tell you this right now: I can’t level a horde character till my warlock is level 80.  So no one give me any details until you see my warlock Trynda at level 80.

And lastly I got a new chair this week.  It’s alright guess.  My old chair had the seat worn down after so many hours of raiding.  My guild mates were tired of me complaining about my butt falling asleep halfway through the raid so I grabbed a spare chair.  This chair was ok, only problem was my old chair had armrests and the new one didn’t.  My raid found it pretty funny when I was midsentence on vent and then they hear me lean on my non-existent armrest and fall out of my seat.  So I finally bought a new chair because they were 50% off.  Only problem is, is that the seat is too high and now my armrests block the keyboard from sliding out.  The thing that is really frustrating is that my armrests only block it by a centimeter (0.3-0.4 of an inch).  Oh well time to buy a new desk I guess. >.<

So this is the post that I had nothing to talk about.  Thanks for reading.


~ by Anslym on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “What-up Weekly: 15-23”

  1. Hehe, nice rant ;p

    I assume the Blood Elf blogger you mentioned would be Pilfkin of /Moar Alts! and for economy blogs I recommend Just My 2 Copper and his forums – do check the archives for ideas, and also, the other guy in my blogroll, I’m drawing a blank at the moment, Moar Alts is also in the blogroll under RP.

    And thanks for the link to your friend’s blog, will have a look 🙂

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