Bloggers Business: Preparing for Cataclysm

This weeks shared topic over at Blog Azeroth was suggest by Nexdominus

What are you doing if anything to get ready for cataclysm?

After last weeks “less than acceptable” shared topic post I plan to do right by this one.  I started playing WoW just two short weeks before The Burning Crusade shipped.  This meant that I had absolutely no prep time for the expansion.  When Wrath was launch I can’t remember what exactly I did, but I’m sure I had some empty plans with no basis for accomplishing them.  Not with Cataclysm!   There are quite a few ways that one can prepare in getting ready for Cataclysm and here are the ways I’m getting myself ready:




Flask of Frostwyrm (10 stacks) I plan to have this buff for every minute I play my way to 85 on my Shaman, Priest, Warlock, Mage, and Druid.

King’s Amber (13/20) I favour caster classes hence all the important gems for casters.

Cardinal Ruby (7/20)

Dreadstone (1 stack)

Ametrine (1 stack)

Wintergrasp Commendations (2/100) 2000 honor per one.  I would like to snag a couple of those PvP titles that come with rated Battle Grounds.  I am most likely going to lower this because of 2 reasons:  Its 30 shards / 9 WG marks for one, and Im trying to grab “Staff of Jordan” for my mage which costs 325 shards.

Frostweave Bags (4/12) Gotta put my stuff some where.

Minor Health potion (25/120) Always come in handy whist leveling.

Minor Mana potion (20/80) I originally planned for 120 that way all 3 of my characters get 40 each, but then I remembered hunters won’t have mana in the expansion.

Heirloom: Mage (Chest, shoulders, weapon, 2 trinkets) I wanna level up in style!

Heirloom: Druid (Chest, shoulders, weapon, 2 trinkets)

Heirloom: Hunter (Chest, shoulders, weapon, 2 trinkets)

PvP Set (Chest, Shoulders, Helmet, Gloves, Boots) I don’t think the Horde are going to be so generous when I take their quest mobs / items.

Healing Set (Chest, Shoulders, Helmet, Gloves, Boots) Might come in handy for the new instances.

Note: Whatever is crossed out is what I currently have, and if it has no number in the brakets just a total . . .well that just means I haven’t started collecting them yet.


Anslym the Shaman:  Gear him out a little more from the 25 man’s.  Grab the PvP set and Healing set on him.  Not much more I can do on him.

Chmelyk the Priest:  Gear him out if not in 25 man gear then in 10 man gear.  Maybe grab some tailoring recipes from ICC.

Trynda the Warlock:  Get her to 80.  I’m not sure if I’m going to gear her out or just wait to get some quest rewards and gear her out that way.  All depends on how my priest and shaman gear out.


Anslym: I would like to get “The Exalted” on him.

 Possibly try for “Loremaster”. 

or sure, even if it’s the night before Patch 4.0 comes out, I’m going to get “The Explorer” on Anslym.

Chmelyk:  “Fall of the Lich King” would be nice.  Chmelyk the Kingslayer has a nice ring to it.

Trynda: “Level 80” anyone?

I’ll try for “The Explorer” also.


As a person:


Maybe pick up some addons. 

Try and see if I can’t become a keyboarder instead of a clicker.  Although that last one might take a while.  I would love to get a new graphics card, but that might have happening in the next week or some ^+^


Blog wise:

First and foremost: become a better blogger.  I’m just currently learning the ropes.  You know: what works, what doesn’t, what looks great and what doesn’t.

Come out with some more Shaman posts. 

Write up some roleplaying posts

Possibly create a few video’s.


And just like everyone else who is preparing for Cataclysm . . . Gold.  I would like to achieve a bare minimum of 30,000g  but I wouldn’t say no too more.  I hope I inspired a few idea’s in you on how to prepare for Cataclysm, I like to think I have all the bases covered with my plan but I am human and I may have forgotten something.  I hope you enjoyed reading.




~ by Anslym on May 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Bloggers Business: Preparing for Cataclysm”

  1. Great post here 🙂 Personally I’m not going to worry about flasks and gems for leveling. This is because I’m sure whatever new ore/gems they add to the game will have better stats on them than the current epic ones. Also I’m a dual boxer these days so I’m not so worried about making every single bit count while leveling. Plus once again the flasks may be dwarfed by new ones … or something o.O I’ll have to wait and find out of course like everyone else but for now I’m not to concerned.

  2. Eh, I don’t think Blizzard plans on letting the heirloom items advance past level 80, by the way. I seem to recall a post about that somewhere, quite a while back..

  3. I have no problems with heirlooms not going past level 80, I’m starting 3 new characters: a Nightelf Mage, a Worgen Druid, and a Human Hunter.


  4. I started playing about 2 months after WotLK was released, so I never had to deal with the expansion hype. That said, I’m not going to be too worried either. By the time Cata hits the shelves, I hope to be in pretty much BiS for 10man content. I’m sure that will last me to lvl 85 when the endgame starts all over again. So gemming and enchanting will should not be a concern. If I have to replace my nice and shiny purples with some greens/blues, I think I’m gonna cry.

  5. I don’t really have too many goals going into Cataclysm. That’s probably a good thing. I plan on levelling my warlock and druid to 80 at some point in time. That’ll give me six 80s to work with. I’ll continue with my shaman as my main, level my warlock as my pvp alt, and level the druid to be my gatherer at the start of the next expansion.

    Other than that, my prep consists of trying to fully sanctify my elemental set (done) and my resto set. (Oh and get the 10man drake!) Building up my gold reserves is a given as well. I don’t think I’ll attempt to play the market at the start of the next expansion this time.

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