Bloggers Business: Top 5

Well, I kinda broke the rule in posting these on Monday . . . ah well rules were meant to be broken.  It wasn’t my fault I’ve been held hostage by and essay, raiding and this:



Ardol suggests this as the shared topic this week:


The idea of this shared topic is to write a post about your favorite something(s). Maybe it could be your favorite movies, favorite books, or if you wish to write about WoW, your favorite quests, favorite abilities, etc. I won’t limit this to being in just list form; if you wish to expound on one particular tv show or dungeon, go right ahead. The true purpose of this kind of topic would be to help your readers get to know you as a person, but to focus on one particular aspect of who you are and what you like, and to see who agrees or disagrees with you.


Well I was pulling a blank on this one but I think I finally came up with something to post about 

Top 5 things Totem Tossing needed, and now has!


1) A Picture of Me

Now you know what I look like!  If you ever go over to Slice N’ Dice (my guildleaders blog) you’ll notice that he as a picture in the same spot I do, I’m going to point on 2 key differences in our pictures to show you that I didn’t copy him.  Number 1 is that my picture is recent and not as ancient as his is; Number 2 is that I look good in my picture.  I also finally got a blog image so know you’ll know its me posting on your blogs (as if signing my name at the bottom of every post was a giant clue.)

2) Befriending the Blogger

I now have an about me page.  You can click the link on the sidebar and read all about me! Also you can finally find out why I used Alliteration so much. 

3) Charismatic Characters

A little info on the characters I play.  Also on the sidebar.


Finally a way to contact me, Totemtossing [at] Yahoo [dot] ca.  I was going to go with G-mail but they required my cell number and I don’t give my cell number over the internet, not again anyway.  I still get people calling for a “good time”.  I then tried AoL but someone already has Totemtossing@ and Anslym@ so I went with Yahoo.  I will eventually have the email under my picture on the side bar but not tonight.  If and when you email me I should respond quickly because I receive emails on my phone.  So if I’m not in class or doing something important you should receive your answer fairly quickly.

5) RSS feed

You can now feed me! I promise I won’t bite.

Yes, that’s right folks these 5 things only took me 3 months to set up!  I know I’ve even astounded myself.  Now I have another issue to talk about.

Regarding Roleplaying:

As you know I was planning on doing a Roleplaying post.  I wanted to make sure I did it right so I asked for your help.  You guys recommended I ask Anna over at Too Many Annas, and so I did. She answered all of my questions and sent me on my merry way.  As you can tell by my What-up weekly posts I like having a very theme (putting a picture before I start writing).  So I asked someone to make a header for my roleplaying post and they agreed to do it on May 11th, 16 days later they backed out.  So I had to fend for my own and create some myself.  You can see some simple samples at my Charismatic Character page, I’ll release my roleplaying ones when I come to writing up the posts.  I would appreciate some feed back on my simple headers on this post via comments or you can email me.  I’ll try to release the first roleplaying post tomorrow and by tomorrow I mean Sunday.  I know your reading this on Sunday but as I am writing this I have just finished my 6th Starbucks Frappuccino drink and I am literally vibrating.  I’m gonna sleep it off, edit this post in the morning and post it then.  Thanks for reading and waiting!


~ by Anslym on June 6, 2010.

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