Bloggers Business: The Pre-Expansion Slump

This topic was suggested by Jaedia from The Lazy-Sniper.

With Cataclysm only months away (we can assume), a lot of players are finding themselves bored with current content. How do you, your friends, and/or your guild conquer the pre-expansion slump?

So Cataclysm is on the horizon and the pre-expansion slump is being felt.  Most of the alliance raiding guilds have left Mug’thol and have gone horde on another server.  Winters Grasp is now only won on Tuesdays when everyone needs Vault.  As for my guild, well we have hardmodes to work on as well as the occasional shenanigan that we do.  A few ways I’m combating the slump are:

  • Preparing for Cataclysm (There is always work to be done)
  • Leveling my Warlock (Gotta get her to 80)
  • Blogging (There is always a topic that needs tackling)
  • And finally is changing up my game (I’m trying to get into the swing of PvP for Cataclysm and I’m trying to produce some roleplaying posts)

Another reason for the decline in playing is that its summer and almost summer vacation.  This means people are spending more time in their backyards, like mine in the post below.    No matter what the means to peoples madness there is always something to be done.  Like for instance on my shaman I still need to do: Kurenai Reputation to get a Tabulk, Sha’tari Skyguard reputation for my nether-ray, World Exploration, Shattered Sun Reputation so I can get that snazzy overpriced title, and the list goes on. . .

On a side note I would appreciate if I could get some feedback on my character headers under Charismatic Characters.  I have big plans for these headers and if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, just scroll down and read my previous post.



~ by Anslym on June 8, 2010.

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