Northrend, ho!

The sun was shining over the rooftops in Stormwind.  A pleasant breeze was speeding along the streets as Aslym was finishing up his business in the shop called Alchemy Needs. He had sold quite a few herbs he had collected during his travels around Azeroth but as he was handed his sack of gold he had something weighing heavily on his mind.  Northrend; the frozen roof of the world.  He had been told by many times that his talents would be of better use there.  He was told by some comrades, friends, even important figures like Nobundo and Prophet Velen.  He found that his time could be better spent here then in the icy continent.  Besides why would he follow Prophet Velen’s wishes anyway?

Shaking it off he purchased some vials and began to leave the shop when he thought he heard something, a whisper if you will.  Shaking that off too, he walked out of the shop into the open morning sunlight.  That’s when he heard it “Northrend” the wind cried to him.  “No.” Anslym replied to the spirit and continued on his way to the auction house where he was to sell some flasks.  “Northrend” the wind called a little louder.   “No!” Anslym cried out as he walked along the bridge to the Trade District.  “Northrend!” the wind shrieked as a sudden gale pushed him towards the newly built Harbor. “Fine, Can I leave tomorrow? I don’t have any supplies.” Anslym tried to reason with the spirit, it was a reasonable request and at least he had agreed to even go.  The wind had stopped pushing Anslym toward the harbor and allowed him to walk a few steps toward the Trade District again before it blew him back twice as strong as before.  A gnome who had just turned the corner had been blown straight into the canal due to the sudden gale.  “Teach me to me to tell you no,” Anslym said as he gathered himself up off the ground.  Anslym could almost hear a faint chuckle in the wind before he heard the crier.  “three minutes, theee minutes till Northrend!” With the clopping of his hoofs he was running toward the boat and the wind seemed to be on his side. 

            Running passed the gnome swimming in the canal, Anslym made his way toward the harbor.  His feet had just made contacted with the wooden deck before the ship pulled away from the dock, leaving nothing but waves in the cool water behind. 

            Northrend was a might to be seen! After the temperature dropped plenty, the passengers on the ship left their cabins to see the frozen wasteland that called them all here.  Anslym sighed and his breath clung to the air as he wrapped his cloak around him more tightly.  A cocky paladin climbed out onto the bow and was looking into the freezing water below.  In order to avoid an iceberg that was lazily floating towards them, the captain spun the wheel causing the ship to turn against a large wave that shook the boat.  The paladin slid off the bow almost landing in the frigid waters below.  He managed to swing an arm up and catch himself on the edge of the dock before Anslym hurried over to grab him.  “Light give me strength!” the paladin yelled as Anslym began pulling him up.

                        *                      *                      *                      *                      *                     

            “Anslym we have to leave, we have to get to The Exodar, before it leaves with out us!” Rystalia cried out as she dispatched another pair of blood elves with her arcane missiles.  “I know but they slaughtered out people, can’t we return the favor?” Anslym asked his fiancée as he swung his mace into the chest of another Blood Knight.   “Later, Velen wants us all on The Exodar now!” She called again.  “Alright lets leave then, love,” Anslym murmured, wiping gore off his mace.  They snaked their way through Tempest Keep slaying any and all blood elves that obstructed their path.  The smell of burnt flesh assaulted his nostrils when she ruthlessly slaughtered them.  Anslym could see the hate in her eyes after they murdered her family; he was all she had left.  They were just at the door to The Exodar when they heard a shriek of a little girl, they quickly double backed to find a family being attacked by a drove of blood elves.  Anslym quickly asked the light for strength as he dove into the skirmish.  Rystalia stayed at the door dispatching any blood elves that may have posed a threat to Anslym.  After finishing the last blood elf, Anslym turned to congratulate his love on their conquest when he saw something that would haunt him till his death.  A sword protruding through the front of Rystalia’s abdomen, the coward blood elf that had stabbed her in the back ran.  Anslym, slipping and sliding across the pools of blood he had created rushed over to her, ripping of his gloves getting ready to invoke the light and heal her.  “Go!” he urged the family to run, “It’s going to be alright love, its going to be alright.”  “Anslym go!” She choked, a thin line of blood poured from her lips.  “I’ll never leave you, love,” he cooed as the invoked light his hands glowing with an effort to save her.  The light failed.  As soon as he began healing her wound the light dissipated from him.  “Go,” She whispered.   “I said I wouldn’t leave you,” Anslym said as he called the light again.  This time his hands shone feebly before flicking out as he began to heal her.   “It isn’t working; go before that blood elf returns with reinforcements.”  “Argh!” Anslym groaned as his ripped his cloak, making a rough bandage for her.  He applied pressure to her wound, warm blue blood gushed over his fingers in the effort.  “Velen, I’ll get you to Velen he’ll heal you! Hold on!”  Anslym put as much cloak as he could on her wound to slow down the bleeding.  He hoisted her up and began dragging her down the hallways towards The Exodar, toward Velen. 

            The door was beginning to close, sealing off the ship, readying itself for departure.  “I love you,” she said one last time before she passed.  “And I you,” Anslym said, closing her eyes, there was no point in fighting off the inevitable.  In one last attempt Anslym tried healing her.  His hands shook with the snobs that originated in his chest; thick tears fell from his eyes and landed on his hands.  Where the drops splashed, the light began to grow.  All the light could do for Rystalia now was to heal up her wounds, make her look unblemished.  She was dead none-the-less.   

            After the crash on Azeroth, Anslym forsake the light as the light forsake him in his time of greatest need on Tempest Keep.  He sought after Farseer Nobundo to teach him the ways of the Elements.  After many lessons under his teacher, Anslym first heard the whisperings on the spirits.  They welcomed him, telling him that his path was always with the elements and never with the light.  He was a natural Shaman, and he never felt the light again.

                        *                      *                      *                      *                      *                     

Anslym gave one last tug, and pulled the paladin onto the deck.   “By the light, praise you!” the paladin said clapping him on the shoulder.  Anslym grit his teeth and rolled his eyes as the ship pulled into Valiance Keep.


~ by Anslym on June 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Northrend, ho!”

  1. The bit about the gnome being blown into the canal was cute 🙂

    An interesting story! Sad too. Definitely a post to catch my interest and keep me coming back.

  2. Yay! I’m so gald you feel that way. Even if its just you I’ll keep writing more posts about Anslym’s adventures in Northrend for you.


  3. I love your post pictures (especially of Ans, how awesome!), and am just a bit sorry to say that I absolutely don’t read fan faction of any kind 😛 Maybe one of these days I’ll change my mind–lots of good writers floating around.

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