‘Bout Blogging . . .

I’m still alive, barely.  I’m in the middle of exams I just wrote my biology exam this afternoon and my psychology exam is tomorrow morning.  Then all I have is English on Thursday and French on Friday and I’m done for the summer.  You guys should be excited for Totem tossing, a lot of big plans for this place.  I have posts a plenty planned; talking about my adventures over at SAN, level as elemental, gearing out, a disgusting problem floating around Azeroth, and A controversial topic that shamans have been taking laying down for far too long.  I finally learned how to use tags so I should be getting some traffic that way. I know,  finally at long last after nearly 4 months of blogging and I only get around 30 or less views a day?   

@ Windsoar from Jaded Alt: I’m glad you like the header/character signature, there might be a contest or 2 coming up involving these headers.

I’ve also been playing my warlock, Trynda, a lot more.  She is currently at level 56 and my plan is to utilize the +10% exp buff from Midsummer fire festival to get her to 68-70 by Monday.  Thanks for sticking around with Totem Tossing during this dry patch, I hope I’ve inspired you to come back for more with the posts I have planned.  As always, Thank you.


~ by Anslym on June 22, 2010.

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