Dungeon De-humanization: Random edition

 Whether you’re doing dungeons to farm up emblems of triumph, grabbing some emblems of frost, or maybe just tryting to get another character to 80 before the big Cataclysm hits.  Either way you’re going to be running to some people whether nice or not you do have a choice in the matter, or do you?

You know the kinds of people who zone into a random: immideatly pull the first group of mobs, skip all the optional bosses, and leave the instance the moment that they get their emblems.  These are the people get irritated at the slightest mistake or even the tiniest mention of holding the group up to kill an optional boss for the boots you need.  I like to think that they are just anally fixated, no this isn’t trade chat, according to Sigmund Freud people who are anally fixated are people are mean, grouchy, and more over unpleasant to game with.  Orally fixated means they tend to verbally abuse others around them and genitally fixated means they have problems making relationships. But what does this mean for us?  Well for this answer we look to Ivan Pavlov who studied classical conditioning which basically means: when we ran randoms we got unfriendly people in our groups which made us feel irritated, now when we think of randoms we get irritated even if there isn’t an anally fixated group member.  I guess Psychology class really did pay off.

As I was leveling up Trynda through the 35-40 level range I decided to run a little experiment that was based on the information above.  My hypothesis was that: If nice, good, wholesome people went through the random cycle to many times (see image below for random cycle) then they would be grouchy, grumpy, and mean as a result.  The solutions I came up with was showing the random group members some kindness.  These are the results

Random # 1

Character: Trynda

Place: Scarlet Monastery – Armory

Hello said: No


  • Pulled immediately
  • No mana breaks
  • No congratulations on levelling to 35
  • Only words that were spoken were about the Scarlet Boots that dropped and the hunter bitched that the druid won them, druid gave them to the hunter and we continued on.
  • No Thanks and no good bye

Random # 2

Character: Trynda

Place: Razorfen Downs

Hello said: Yes


  • Healer was friendly, asked for a soul stone
  • The fights were explained
  • The healer left the group but we kept going
  • Met up with someone from Random#1
  • The other random’er was polite
  • They didn’t notice my level but I am a gnome which means I’m tiny?
  • Another person dinged and he was congratulated
  • Apologized were said for pulling mobs to early
  • Thanks and goodbyes were said.

Random #3

Character: Anslym

Place: Trial of the Champion (5 man)

Hello said: yes


  • Started the event immediately
  • Tank died and we tried again
  • We made it through the first boss
  • Explained to turn away from radiance
  • Warlock was too far from range of me and died
  • He understood and apologized
  • Downed The Black Knight, said thanks and goodbye and we were on our way


Character: Trynda

Place: Scarlet Monastery – Cathedral  

Hello said: Yes


  • Asked politely for a Soul Stone
  • Went very smooth
  • Healed my Fel hunter
  • Said congratulations for a level
  • Wiped and no one left
  • Wiped and 3 people left (healer, and 2 dps)
  • One of the dps got requed into our group again.
  • Call the dungeon and everyone left

So as you can see that giving some kindness doesn’t always work but saying hello doesn’t take any time and it won’t hurt you any.  Unless you have Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being ignored then you might have some problems there. So just remember:


Be Mellow and Say Hello!


Note: This does not apply to everyone; it may or may not apply to you.  Side effects of using this picture may include nausea, upset stomach, headaches, spontaneous unconsciousness, and the insatiable urge to giggle like a school girl.  Consult your physician before gazing up The Random Cycle.




~ by Anslym on July 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dungeon De-humanization: Random edition”

  1. Interesting experiment. As expected, people were a bit friendlier at the lower level. Expand your sample a bit and do a few more randoms with Anslym and I’d be surprised if the friendliness continues. Hopefully your sample will give you a good mix of long and short heroics. If not, compare how people react to getting AN as opposed to Occ/HoL/HoR.

    I’m not one for much chatter. If nobody greets at the start, I won’t bother to greet. If nobody thanks at the end, I won’t either. I guess this is more of how I was raised, but if someone has nothing to say to me, then I have nothing to say to them. There’s a few exceptions here, but the rule stands for me.

  2. I think I just might do that. I must concur that I would rather AN opposed to HoL/HoS (I don’t really like the ulduar 5 mans) I like doing Occ though always a chance for the mount 🙂


    P.S Dungeon Dehumanization: Random Edition Pt 2 Coming to a Blog near you!

  3. I always make a point to greet the random groups I am in and I will say thank you to everyone before I leave (though I don’t actually say “goodbye”).

    Actually, I’m not sure what to think about the silences in groups. I read a post a while back about how the sign of a good group was whether or not it was silent – the implication being that the “good/competent” groups would fly through content and had no reason to talk and that the groups that were chatty weren’t focused on getting things done and would need everything explained to them.

    (Not that asking questions and getting informative answers is bad.)

    However, on the other hand it’s nice to have a group that will treat you as a human by communicating with you and being civil and perhaps even (gasp!) sociable throughout the group.

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