What-up Weekly: Q&A

In this what-up weekly post I’m going to be covering a couple of topics that have been floating around the blogsphere these past few weeks.  This post will be in a Q&A type version-format thingy.
Thoughts on RealID?
The in game version: I think it’s a fine idea; I currently have 1 realID friend.  I chose this option because we were friends in The Burning Crusade and we were really close but life split us apart.  She went horde I stayed alliance and now we have a way to reconnect. 
The Forum version: I like to see the story from both perspectives and I can see Blizzards perspective of making the forums a better place by implementing real names on the forums.  I also see the player’s position of the issue and I’m of the mindset that even if the realID took care of all the flaming and trolling it would cut the forum usage by an enormous amount because people don’t want people knowing their name.  For example my first name is pretty common, Daniel, wouldn’t you agree? But my last name is of Polish decent so you can be sure it’s pretty uncommon as far as Smith’s, Johnson’s and Anderson’s go.  I’m glad Blizzard scrapped the idea but still is committed to making the forums a better place.

What is Anslym up to?

Anslym currently took up his position at the Auction House trying another get rich quick scheme; you’d think he was a goblin in a past life.  But he has the silly notion that he needs to be there, “you know to save up a big of coin in case of some kind of cataclysmic emergency comes up” he keeps saying.


Oh he’s hanging around here and there but mostly there than here.  He can be found running the daily random when someone in guild asks.


She has recently turned level 65 and plans to hit 66 soon.  She has currently taken up the giant task of freeing Corki from his captors in Nagrand.

Cataclysm beta, thoughts?

I have yet to receive my invite 😦 but I have been living the beta through some people.  Naora from Cramming in Strudel has received an invite a she had posted here thoughts on the Worgen starting zone of Gilneas.  As for the other person, Jesse Cox commonly known as: Dappersapper goblin rogue, Worgenfleamen worgen druid, or Emojomaker troll shaman. He currently takes you through the complete goblin zones.  Starting in Kezan he expertly and sometimes not so expertly navigates through the streets of this goblin area picking up the guys and gals for an event that I don’t want to spoil for others. He takes you through the lost Isles helping the horde retrieve an “item” of utmost importance all the way till the goblins join the horde.  As for Emojomaker, he takes you on an epic quest line through Stonetalon Mountains all the while singing “crack that whip”.  Worgenfleamen helps battle back the battalions of feral worgen and forsaken alike in the ever gloomy but oh so amazing Gilneas.  So if watching spoilers are your thing I encourage you to take a ride with Jesse’s videos where is commentary will induce plenty of laughter as this man “thinks up clever things to say but they only equal random nonsense” maybe this is because he is “29 years old and is at deaths door” or maybe because he has always been a little crazy since he was a “wee lad” but none-the-less I encourage you to watch these videos.  His youtube channel is here. Oh and PS: all those in quotation comments aren’t me being mean those are things he has said during his videos.


~ by Anslym on July 13, 2010.

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