Befriending the Blogger

Meeting me:

I’m a 17 year old Canadian who sucks at spelling and pronunciation.  My biggest dream / goal in life is to become a published author.  I finished writing a book on December 31/2009.  While it currently is at the editors (my languages teacher) I plan to hone my writing skills by writing this blog.  This September I will be entering my final year of High School before moving on into University.  I don’t know which field I will be entering in but I can guarantee that it is either the medical field or the creative writing / English field.  My current plans are to become a pediatrician but I can dream that I strike gold with my book, right?

In Game:

I play on the realm Mug’thol (PvP).  I enjoy spending my time: raiding, the occasional Battle Ground, earning up some gold, and chattin’ it up with my guildies in <Bucklers of Swash>  I have currently killed The Lich King and am now starting on Hard Modes.  My main goal in game is to not try and kill myself waiting for Cataclysm but I have plenty of things to keep my occupied till then.  I have hard modes, alts that need a levelin’, gold that isn’t going to farm itself, and an achievement that I’ve neglected but I really want to get the “40 Exalted” achieve (19/40).

Blog Wise:

I intended this to be a Shaman blog but it turned out to be a general WoW blog with a hint of shamanism.  I honestly have a bunch of posts planned, they just never seem to make it past the planning stage.  Ignoring my shaman issues, I love blogging.  I love reading your comments and I also enjoy reading your blogs as well!

            What’s with all the Alliteration?  Its my favourite literary device and I love incorporating it into my writing style.


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