Charismatic Characters

Here are the characters I currently play:


Anslym is my level 80 shaman, main character on the realm Mug’thol.  He is an Alchemist and an Herbalist.  His spec is currently Elemental / Restoration, although I have a fairly extensive Enhancement set.  I have to maintain my restoration spec for Valithria Dreamwalker encounter in Icecrown Citadel.  Anslym has defeated the Lich King with group one of my guild Bucklers of Swash.


Anslym once was a noble paladin on his homeworld of Draenor.  Just shortly before the Draenei departed the land in The Exodar he had a falling out with the Light.  So once he awoke on Azeroth he almost immediately went out in search of Farseer Nobundo who taught him in the ways of the elements.  The elements helped him fill the gap that the Light had left.  So he now follows what the elements say and that’s how he ended up in Northrend.


Chmelyk is my level 80 Dwarf priest.  His spec is Shadow and will remain Shadow till the end of time!  He was my main until the first few weeks of patch 3.3 when I switched to Anslym.  He was my main all throughout The Burning Crusade.  I am currently trying to get him into Icecrown so I can pick up some of that snazzy tier 10.  He currently has maxed out Tailoring and Mining. 


Chmelyk’s father was a spy for Madoran Bronzebeard during the War of Three Hammers and directly after when the Dark Iron clan was still attacking settlements.  A tragic event happened and the blame was directed at Chmelyk’s father who’s only alibi died when Madoran did.  Magni knowing about the espionage save him from death and exiled him instead, saying that he must take the blame in order to keep what they had done a secret.  He paid Chmelyk’s family a chest full of gold and moved them down into the Human Kingdom.  Little did Chmelyk know that Magni has plans for him.


Trynda Felvolt is my little level 50ish Gnome warlock. Her spec is currently Affliction.  I just recently rolled her and I’m having a blast playing her.  My goal is to get her to level 80 before the big Cataclysm hits.  Her only current profession is Inscription but I may pick up engineering I’m not sure yet. 


Her family was murdered just before the irradiation of Gnomeregan and it was used to cover it up.  Trynda knows the truth, so she must follow a path of clues to figure out who did it and why.  This path will lead her on a perilous journey.  It will lead her to darkness and it may not lead her back.  All she knows is her soul is scarred and she has nothing to lose.


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