Bloggers Business: The Pre-Expansion Slump

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This topic was suggested by Jaedia from The Lazy-Sniper.

With Cataclysm only months away (we can assume), a lot of players are finding themselves bored with current content. How do you, your friends, and/or your guild conquer the pre-expansion slump?

So Cataclysm is on the horizon and the pre-expansion slump is being felt.  Most of the alliance raiding guilds have left Mug’thol and have gone horde on another server.  Winters Grasp is now only won on Tuesdays when everyone needs Vault.  As for my guild, well we have hardmodes to work on as well as the occasional shenanigan that we do.  A few ways I’m combating the slump are:

  • Preparing for Cataclysm (There is always work to be done)
  • Leveling my Warlock (Gotta get her to 80)
  • Blogging (There is always a topic that needs tackling)
  • And finally is changing up my game (I’m trying to get into the swing of PvP for Cataclysm and I’m trying to produce some roleplaying posts)

Another reason for the decline in playing is that its summer and almost summer vacation.  This means people are spending more time in their backyards, like mine in the post below.    No matter what the means to peoples madness there is always something to be done.  Like for instance on my shaman I still need to do: Kurenai Reputation to get a Tabulk, Sha’tari Skyguard reputation for my nether-ray, World Exploration, Shattered Sun Reputation so I can get that snazzy overpriced title, and the list goes on. . .

On a side note I would appreciate if I could get some feedback on my character headers under Charismatic Characters.  I have big plans for these headers and if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, just scroll down and read my previous post.



Bloggers Business: Top 5

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Well, I kinda broke the rule in posting these on Monday . . . ah well rules were meant to be broken.  It wasn’t my fault I’ve been held hostage by and essay, raiding and this:



Ardol suggests this as the shared topic this week:


The idea of this shared topic is to write a post about your favorite something(s). Maybe it could be your favorite movies, favorite books, or if you wish to write about WoW, your favorite quests, favorite abilities, etc. I won’t limit this to being in just list form; if you wish to expound on one particular tv show or dungeon, go right ahead. The true purpose of this kind of topic would be to help your readers get to know you as a person, but to focus on one particular aspect of who you are and what you like, and to see who agrees or disagrees with you.


Well I was pulling a blank on this one but I think I finally came up with something to post about 

Top 5 things Totem Tossing needed, and now has!


1) A Picture of Me

Now you know what I look like!  If you ever go over to Slice N’ Dice (my guildleaders blog) you’ll notice that he as a picture in the same spot I do, I’m going to point on 2 key differences in our pictures to show you that I didn’t copy him.  Number 1 is that my picture is recent and not as ancient as his is; Number 2 is that I look good in my picture.  I also finally got a blog image so know you’ll know its me posting on your blogs (as if signing my name at the bottom of every post was a giant clue.)

2) Befriending the Blogger

I now have an about me page.  You can click the link on the sidebar and read all about me! Also you can finally find out why I used Alliteration so much. 

3) Charismatic Characters

A little info on the characters I play.  Also on the sidebar.


Finally a way to contact me, Totemtossing [at] Yahoo [dot] ca.  I was going to go with G-mail but they required my cell number and I don’t give my cell number over the internet, not again anyway.  I still get people calling for a “good time”.  I then tried AoL but someone already has Totemtossing@ and Anslym@ so I went with Yahoo.  I will eventually have the email under my picture on the side bar but not tonight.  If and when you email me I should respond quickly because I receive emails on my phone.  So if I’m not in class or doing something important you should receive your answer fairly quickly.

5) RSS feed

You can now feed me! I promise I won’t bite.

Yes, that’s right folks these 5 things only took me 3 months to set up!  I know I’ve even astounded myself.  Now I have another issue to talk about.

Regarding Roleplaying:

As you know I was planning on doing a Roleplaying post.  I wanted to make sure I did it right so I asked for your help.  You guys recommended I ask Anna over at Too Many Annas, and so I did. She answered all of my questions and sent me on my merry way.  As you can tell by my What-up weekly posts I like having a very theme (putting a picture before I start writing).  So I asked someone to make a header for my roleplaying post and they agreed to do it on May 11th, 16 days later they backed out.  So I had to fend for my own and create some myself.  You can see some simple samples at my Charismatic Character page, I’ll release my roleplaying ones when I come to writing up the posts.  I would appreciate some feed back on my simple headers on this post via comments or you can email me.  I’ll try to release the first roleplaying post tomorrow and by tomorrow I mean Sunday.  I know your reading this on Sunday but as I am writing this I have just finished my 6th Starbucks Frappuccino drink and I am literally vibrating.  I’m gonna sleep it off, edit this post in the morning and post it then.  Thanks for reading and waiting!


Bloggers Business: Preparing for Cataclysm

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This weeks shared topic over at Blog Azeroth was suggest by Nexdominus

What are you doing if anything to get ready for cataclysm?

After last weeks “less than acceptable” shared topic post I plan to do right by this one.  I started playing WoW just two short weeks before The Burning Crusade shipped.  This meant that I had absolutely no prep time for the expansion.  When Wrath was launch I can’t remember what exactly I did, but I’m sure I had some empty plans with no basis for accomplishing them.  Not with Cataclysm!   There are quite a few ways that one can prepare in getting ready for Cataclysm and here are the ways I’m getting myself ready:




Flask of Frostwyrm (10 stacks) I plan to have this buff for every minute I play my way to 85 on my Shaman, Priest, Warlock, Mage, and Druid.

King’s Amber (13/20) I favour caster classes hence all the important gems for casters.

Cardinal Ruby (7/20)

Dreadstone (1 stack)

Ametrine (1 stack)

Wintergrasp Commendations (2/100) 2000 honor per one.  I would like to snag a couple of those PvP titles that come with rated Battle Grounds.  I am most likely going to lower this because of 2 reasons:  Its 30 shards / 9 WG marks for one, and Im trying to grab “Staff of Jordan” for my mage which costs 325 shards.

Frostweave Bags (4/12) Gotta put my stuff some where.

Minor Health potion (25/120) Always come in handy whist leveling.

Minor Mana potion (20/80) I originally planned for 120 that way all 3 of my characters get 40 each, but then I remembered hunters won’t have mana in the expansion.

Heirloom: Mage (Chest, shoulders, weapon, 2 trinkets) I wanna level up in style!

Heirloom: Druid (Chest, shoulders, weapon, 2 trinkets)

Heirloom: Hunter (Chest, shoulders, weapon, 2 trinkets)

PvP Set (Chest, Shoulders, Helmet, Gloves, Boots) I don’t think the Horde are going to be so generous when I take their quest mobs / items.

Healing Set (Chest, Shoulders, Helmet, Gloves, Boots) Might come in handy for the new instances.

Note: Whatever is crossed out is what I currently have, and if it has no number in the brakets just a total . . .well that just means I haven’t started collecting them yet.


Anslym the Shaman:  Gear him out a little more from the 25 man’s.  Grab the PvP set and Healing set on him.  Not much more I can do on him.

Chmelyk the Priest:  Gear him out if not in 25 man gear then in 10 man gear.  Maybe grab some tailoring recipes from ICC.

Trynda the Warlock:  Get her to 80.  I’m not sure if I’m going to gear her out or just wait to get some quest rewards and gear her out that way.  All depends on how my priest and shaman gear out.


Anslym: I would like to get “The Exalted” on him.

 Possibly try for “Loremaster”. 

or sure, even if it’s the night before Patch 4.0 comes out, I’m going to get “The Explorer” on Anslym.

Chmelyk:  “Fall of the Lich King” would be nice.  Chmelyk the Kingslayer has a nice ring to it.

Trynda: “Level 80” anyone?

I’ll try for “The Explorer” also.


As a person:


Maybe pick up some addons. 

Try and see if I can’t become a keyboarder instead of a clicker.  Although that last one might take a while.  I would love to get a new graphics card, but that might have happening in the next week or some ^+^


Blog wise:

First and foremost: become a better blogger.  I’m just currently learning the ropes.  You know: what works, what doesn’t, what looks great and what doesn’t.

Come out with some more Shaman posts. 

Write up some roleplaying posts

Possibly create a few video’s.


And just like everyone else who is preparing for Cataclysm . . . Gold.  I would like to achieve a bare minimum of 30,000g  but I wouldn’t say no too more.  I hope I inspired a few idea’s in you on how to prepare for Cataclysm, I like to think I have all the bases covered with my plan but I am human and I may have forgotten something.  I hope you enjoyed reading.



What-up Weekly: 15-23

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So I sat down at my computer with my orange notebook ready to plan out this post, only problem is, is that I couldn’t come up with anything to talk about.  The longer I sat there the more and more I was blanking on my week, I guess this is what happens when you stay up till 2 A.M playing WoW.  More over when you log off shut everything down then you lay down into your nice cozy bed and your brain just won’t stop.  So I do what I usually do when I can’t think of idea’s to talk about . . . I go read other people’s blogs. 

So I finally grabbed some inspiration and [still] sat down –I was already sitting- and began to plan out my post.  I ran through the usual check list of things to talk about: School, Guild, Raid, Alts, etc. So school, what did I do at school this week?  Well I learned about the pathway of blood through the heart.  My teacher made us memorize the whole path of blood starting at the Vena Cava into the lungs and out the Aorta.  We got to dissect a sheep heart and then watch as the teacher dissected a cow heart, the thing was massive!  I got a few pictures of the sheep heart but I won’t post for some more of the squeamish readers out there.  In English we started and finished Macbeth.  The play was good I really enjoyed it but I found the ending where Macduff kills Macbeth a bit dull. 

Raiding this week was intense; we finally downed the Lich King after a month of trying!  That was fun; I picked up the fist weapon off of him for my Enhancement spec.  To bad I don’t have one; I really need to start grabbing gear for my Restoration spec.  After we killed him I went to repair to find that I had less then 100g on Anslym. Uh oh. This has led me to pick up the auctioneer addon for my bank alt so I can start playing the Auction House game.  Anyone know any good bloggers who talk about Auctioneer?  I could use some help.

A few days ago I asked for help with a roleplaying post –Which I’m still working on, I’m halfway finished it I’m just waiting on something to make it pop- Windsoar from Jadedalts recommended Too Many Annas.  So I went to take a look and I fell in love with her character stories.  The way she writes them makes me feel like I’m actually there with them.  Speaking of bloggers and character stories I came across a blood elf blog and she had written some stories about her character.  She mentions her love for Silvermoon City and the enjoyment she has at the hot springs in Winterspring.  Me reading this blog at 3 A.M and gotten there my clicking a link to a link from a link that was quoting another link I forgot the blog and I was wondering if any of you guys know this blog and could point me in the right direction.  Many thanks!

Jaedia over at The Lazy Sniper has started playing her Shadow Priest, Seithir.  Reading her posts about her enjoyment on her Shadow Priest made me want to play my Shadow priest.  So it is my pleasure to introduce you to Chmelyk, the Shadow priest!



 Now in an effort to gear up my shadow priest I’ve been running a few randoms as of late.  I’ve noticed quite a few things in my random running tangent which I will be posting about it later this week. I tried to think of a segue for this next sentence but I failed miserably so here it is.  A good shadow priest friend of mine Banibaq started his own blog right here.

I’ve started paying a little bit more attention to “the other side”, this means the Horde.  Last night when my brain was doing that whole “I’m going to keep you awake for hours thinking about everything”, I started thinking about playing a horde character.  For this to happen I want to find someone who has a few character on the server and is willing to talk to me, the server needs to be a nice server with an equal horde vs. alliance server.  I’m a social person; I need someone to talk to that probably why I have never gotten a horde past level 20.  But I’m going to tell you this right now: I can’t level a horde character till my warlock is level 80.  So no one give me any details until you see my warlock Trynda at level 80.

And lastly I got a new chair this week.  It’s alright guess.  My old chair had the seat worn down after so many hours of raiding.  My guild mates were tired of me complaining about my butt falling asleep halfway through the raid so I grabbed a spare chair.  This chair was ok, only problem was my old chair had armrests and the new one didn’t.  My raid found it pretty funny when I was midsentence on vent and then they hear me lean on my non-existent armrest and fall out of my seat.  So I finally bought a new chair because they were 50% off.  Only problem is, is that the seat is too high and now my armrests block the keyboard from sliding out.  The thing that is really frustrating is that my armrests only block it by a centimeter (0.3-0.4 of an inch).  Oh well time to buy a new desk I guess. >.<

So this is the post that I had nothing to talk about.  Thanks for reading.


Killing the King

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I whisper to the elements of fire to heat up the frozen ink so I may write this letter.  My cloak wrapper tightly around myself I am happy to write we managed to put an end some of the atrocities that have plagued this world for far too long.  We have successfully vanquished the Frost Queen named Sindragosa. The group that I have become part of is of an odd sort.  The leader, a Gnome, by the name of Samueltempus is the leader of this bunch of misfits, or so it seems.  Just like all gnomes he is muttering something about logs, and a world he plans to make of logs, logs of the world or something like the latter.  Now a priest, named Malinda, she seems to be the one that “leads” our leader.  Is it possible that they have a history?  A Hunter who’s muttering about Kestrel the Kingslayer is still ringing in my ears.  Another priest of the light but his tendencies are fairing for the shadows, Javaed be his name.  A force to be trifled with I’m sure, Stalkuren stands tall and proud as his leaves blow in the chilling wind.  Odd pair of Gnomes by the names of Cowburner and Bokino like to joke around even in this most dire time, those are Gnomes for you.  Pelz, the warrior of the group, is possibly the most skilled swordsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness in battle, and finally our furry friend, Cilice who kept all the unspeakable horrors off our backs.  I whisper to the spirits of the air in hopes that this letter will find you, because Tirion Fordring it calling for us.

Yes that right, we finally downed the Lich King.  We have brought justice to the damned and made the world a safer place . . . for now.  Samueltempus did a better job of explaining what went down over at Slice N’ Dice.  Thanks for reading.


Bloggers Business: Helping New Players

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This week Nexdominus suggested the topic of helping players as this weeks shared topic.  I thought about the many different ways I help new characters and I also like to be original.  So this is my take on this weeks shared topic.

Things that should have been told

to me when I started 

-In the form of a song-

One, Two, Oh hello are you new?


Three, Four, Avoid Southshore.

Five, Six, Arathi Basin is full of . . . . sticks?

Seven, Eight, Learn to affiliate.

Nine, Ten, avoid the dragon den.

Eleven, Twelve, You won’t reach the top shelve.

Thirteen, Fourteen, Avoid being seen.

Fifteen, Sixteen, Achievement points are for your Epeen.

Seventeen, Eighteen, Get a mount thats mean.

Ninteen, Twenty Soon you’ll have epics a plenty.

Thanks for reading!


What-up Weekly: May 10th – May 14th

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There are a lot of things that prohibit me from writing.  Mainly it’s a messy room, kind of ironic because guess what I’m sitting in?  That’s why I missed the shared topic this week.  But its not my fault its my desk that is mainly the problem, how can I get any writing done with stuff cluttering it?  I have books piled haphazardly on the edge, they’re teetering in an unsafe way.  I have bits and scraps of paper from idea’s I jot down for Sword through the Horde (the name of the novel I’ve written and neglected to edit.  The “horde” part has nothing to do with cunning trolls, spiritual tauren, or even crafty undead.  There is as usual a whole back story to the title but long story short: Main character has to battle àSword throughß the Queens àhordeß of soldiers.)  It could also be something for future posts. Here is a perfect example of notes littering my desk “He is drawing from experience.” Who is drawing from experience? Is it my main character Daniel?  Is it a secondary character like Dock, Winko, or Doawn?  Maybe it’s Anslym for my roleplaying piece?  Then comes the next question: What experience is it?  Is it getting shot? Getting captured and imprisoned? Falling in love? Falling out of love? What is it?!  I have plenty of empty notebooks I can write all this in but they look so pristine that I don’t want to damage them with my untidy scrawl.   

I also have pencil crayons littering the area due to a project I was feverishly trying to finish before midnight.  I have a baggie with Q-tips in it from my trip to Washington D.C still lying around and the box from my motherboard on another edge of the desk from last night.  The reason for that is: I’m not a tech-savy person and I’m trying to get a new graphics card for my computer and everyone over vent was trying to help me figure out what I need. 

Remember how I posted about not knowing what university to go to?  Well I’ve run into a slightly more important problem.  What am I going to university for?  Becoming a doctor is all nice and dandy but that requires a lot of time, patients, and smarts.  Not to mention all time I’ll be spending in the hospital and being on-call.  I could always go into the English aspect of it.  I wouldn’t mind being an English professor; getting night, weekends, and summers off would be nice.  Then again money is an issue, I know I know follow your heart and that is payment enough.  I just can’t decide!  I did one of those online career tests and guess what popped up when I did it.  Writer and Doctor!  Like come on!  So most likely tomorrow or Sunday I’ll be posting my role playing piece and possibly an excerpt from STTH (Sword Through the Horde) and would appreciate your opinions.

Now to my week in game:  Managed to get my Warlock to level 33.  My Icecrown group managed to get the Lich King down to 22%!  We got really excited about that, and my priest did the weekly for some emblems . . . really excited, I know.  Again, thanks for reading.